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Obama’s huge gaffe 🙁

The world may be at a tipping point
By not being decisive and wanting consensus (his value set, also to cya – Cover Your butt)…

He has now introduced significant complexity into the Syrian situation.

Putin JUST announced that Russia will aid Assad if we strike.

Now, some among us will see this as the reason to strike, but look at what this escalates.

Had Obama made the decision instead of passing it on (this is a problem with consensus building), but being Teflon and not wanting anything to stick because PC is more important than taking a stand.

We would not have now hanging over our heads the Russian threat.

Russians are EXTREMELY good at chess.

Now, they have outplayed us and this is what I admire about Putin, even though his own countryman despise him for a variety of his believes…this guy knows when to move his pieces.

He has палки в спицы… thrown sticks in the spokes of our wheel, so much for Obama’s little chit chat with Medevev life on camera.

ANYONE who thinks Obama is above 4 complexity is just mistaken.

Meta-systematic capability would have already figured out that if we allow the Russians to declare involvement we enter a defacto space where no one wins…and everyone loses.

NOW, he and his politics have done that.

We have setup a new fight that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Syria, and the reasons why we might have quickly acted and said, that is a no-no and if you use these things, and if we think you use these things, we pop you on the wrists… (in psychology, people who think someone will strike back, do not do the act… its been proven, yet we continue to violate this basic tenet all the time).

For me, I would have never put us in this shape.

I would not have struck in any case, nor recommended it.

I would have done everything I could to provide factual evidence using resources only the USA has, and presented the evidence and said… "Look this is what we found.  This is not our fight.  We are not the world’s policeman.  Unless you provide us with and we accept that responsibility along with your budget for that role…"

Therefore, it is up to those of you who have vested interests in this issue to lead… and walked away.

That would have settled it and yes, it would create more problems in this "integral" world, but look at what we have done.

We have setup indirect conflict between the two biggest nuclear powers in the world, and with a person who is MUCH more experienced, ruthless, and complex than our guy.

This is a huge gaffe… a critically complex error of mistaken capability… and we see these all the time.

The Power in negotiation is held by the person who can walk away.

NOW, who has the power…?

And now we have moved from non-contest to win-lose positions.

In the future, we need to pick someone who has demonstrated more complexity in their being, doing, having, becoming, and contribution… or we all are going to suffer greatly.

Instead of passing the buck so nothing sticks… and he remains politically distant, his actions now have made the problem much more complex, and much more dangerous.

He has welcomed a showdown… and maybe they knew it and he passed it off to congress to avoid the showdown, so be it, but it was his call as our executive not to make a committee decision out of something that now has the potential to destroy us from the inside out.

That is the gaffe… and potential dagger to the USA’s heart.

Do not F*** with these Russians with Putin leading…

They themselves are approaching a dog in the corner situation, with their population dwindling, their stead in the world decreasing and the literal end of some of the military they might have.

They will NOT be able to field an army to protect themselves within 2-10 years…!

There are not enough young men to conscript!!!!!!!!!!!

They are facing huge issues of their own, they are headed BACK to a recession RIGHT NOW, and WAG the DOG is a strategy they can use and are, to take the focus off of the issues at hand.

And how in the world does the winter Olympics always seem to be in the picture when we have these kinds of things going on — go figure!!

When you put these puzzle pieces together, we end up with a very dangerous time.

You make this a world-wide issue which the Obama administration has done, and you are affecting all commodities, our fragile growth, money and credit issues.  Is it worth it…

We have millions killed everyday.  Are we going to strike those leaders who are killing their own people through neglect, corruption, and disinterest?  COME ON!!!

Why focus on this?  This is what got us into the last mess, and now we have a real mess.

Look at the map folks.  Iran can’t let Syria go, not when Iraq is within their grasp.  We have a Sunni, Shia civil war in the makings.  Focusing on Syria takes the eye off Iran who has to belly up to the bar with the USA backed Saudis.  Russia knows this and we have North Korea teaching Iran how to behave…?

Ugh… what a mess we are creating by trying to be so damned righteous and mothering.

Who died and made the USA the world’s mother, tell me (sorry no offense meant to you mom’s) but you catch my drift.

Why must we always act like a damned male grouse in mating season?

What happened to carry a big stick and walk quietly?

See what I mean:

"A delay in a U.S. strike would increase opportunities for coordinated retaliation by groups allied with the Assad government, including Shiite militias in Iraq, according to U.S. officials."

What people don’t realize is that as you mess with Islam more and more, you create a polarization that spreads FAR beyond the trigger.  We are moving to a battlefield of spirituality.  This is dangerous!

As long as the USA continues to target specific people and doesn’t stand for right among all people, people will polarize.  The best thing to do is pull back our vast military machine to places where we draw very serious lines.

In the Philippines, we have a nasty little thing occurring on the shoals contested by China and the Philippines, which is a contest between China and defacto USA interests.

I suspect that even now, if the USA strikes Syria with a lot more planning, the mosques here in the Philippines could possibly incite violence, which means you have a cascading complexity far beyond anyone’s ability to think through what it is that is at stake here.

Islam continues to grow prolifically — and as I explained for the past decade, it is the natural scaffolding for the most poor; and which group is continuing to be the fastest growing group — yes, the poor.  So you could say we are going to add 2 billion more poor to the world’s population who are directly in line to receive appropriate scaffolding from Islam… catapulting Islam into favor around the world and in the most dangerous places.

watch out… we KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO!


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