Audio Introductions to Living @F-L-O-W

Living @F-L-O-W

Introduction Audios

Below are the 4 Introductory audios to the program "Living @F-L-O-W" and related references referred to in the audios.  You may want to listen more than once to each audio to gain the greatest benefit.

First Introduction: Living @F-L-O-W | Audio
References: Limits to Growth
                 Edward Bernay’s book, Propaganda
                 Bingo chart mentioned in call

Second Introduction: Deciding What is Enough @F-L-O-W | Audio | Q&A
References: TPOVs @F-L-O-W

Third Introduction: Bridging the Gap @F-L-O-W  | Audio

Forth Introduction: Teachable Point of View [TPOV] @F-L-O-W | Audio | Q&A

Bonus Audio: Interview between Marc Beneteau [WordPress Academy] and Mike R. Jay

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