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Bias Dynamics @F-L-O-W

Setting the Stage for Bias @F-L-O-W

Is bias good or bad?  That is the question Mike sets out
to answer in his audio "Setting the Stage for Bias @F-L-O-W"

Is Bias Good or Bad?

Listen in as Developmentalist and Best Selling Author Mike R. Jay lights a path for living with your biases! 
Click the image above to find out if being bias is good or bad
for us.

In Module 2 of the Leadership Behavior Modeling System (LBMS),
BIAS is showcased as a valuable tool for leaders, and it’s
important to take simple steps to understand how our biases
help us find the integral mirror all leaders need to wake up
into each and everyday.

In the Q&A session Mike is asked: "In regard to the current
situation in the Ukraine bias is leading to conflict…" 
To listen in on the rest of the question and Mike’s response,
submit your request below.  Mike concludes the Q&A by
describing how our EGO comes into play with our biases. 
Click the image below to listen in.

Conflict in the Ukraine

The importance of understanding BIAS:

“…one of my professors at Yale, Ian Ayres, asked his class on empirical law and economics if we could think of any issue on which we had changed our mind because of an empirical study. For most people, it’s hard. We like to think that we form our views based on evidence, but in fact we view the evidence selectively to confirm our preexisting views.” – James Kwak

"There is an Eastern saying that ‘When a pickpocket meets a
priest, he sees only his pockets.’

It’s a graphic illustration of how our biases blind us and dictate what we see.

It’s called ‘selective cognition’ and it follows the contours of the dogma-generated belief system we are monogamously devoted to.

It’s a like-by-like cognitive bias and attraction. Hence, most of the ‘terms’ we tend to use are heavily laden with the biases embedded in our belief system and World view.

Too often our cognitive abilities are stunted, impaired and limited because of this
‘selective cognition’ bias."

G Bruce Reflecting_Pool

Join Mike R. Jay and the Team @F-L-O-W as we delve into the
world of Bias Dynamics.  The class begins Monday March 10
at 8:30 pm ET and continues each evening through March 13. 
The sessions will be recorded if the times are not good for
you.  The tuition is normally $197 and thru Sunday, March
9 it will be discounted to $97.

Guarantee: If after the first session you do
not feel you will benefit by continuing, you may request a
refund by emailing

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