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The 2nd Cold War

 U.S. Pledges $1 Billion in Loan Guarantees to Ukraine 

The Obama administration pledged $1 billion in loan guarantees
to Ukraine and offered to provide technical support to the
country’s central bank and finance ministry, senior U.S.
officials said.

The financial assistance marked the
first concrete American support offered to Ukraine since
opposition forces overthrew pro-Russian President Viktor
Yanukovych last month.

The aid package was announced
to coincide with the arrival in Kiev of U.S. Secretary of
State John Kerry on Tuesday afternoon.

I saw another note where Putin
indicated that default permission for Russia to intervene was
provided by an "unconstitutional takeover of government."

The only kind of war we could have started was a second
Cold War, which it appears is now underway.

I just
wonder, what if we didn’t…

What if the president had
said, "This is a very serious issue, it appears that the
region will need to get help from neighbors, and we stand
ready to help facilitate that process when asked."

Instead, they issued a dictum which has almost teeth and
pledged a donation of $3.20 from every household with interest
because it’s borrowed money to Ukraine. Did you know that you
just sent around $5 to the Ukraine government?

Not to
buy rice or potatoes for the poor but to the richest people in
"a government that has just overthrown by coup" it’s elected

Does that seem to make it more real
for you? Do you now agree that it’s ok to participate in
unconstitutional activities because that is what you want and
the people you’re helping have your bias at heart, against
people you have been entrained not to trust or like?

Welcome to the 19th Century again… back to the past?

Kind of different when you see bias through another lens,
isn’t it?

Do leaders really understand bias?

What if they did and could offer more than a simple
perspective biased to their own, or popular point of view?

Would the world we know become different?

We won’t
know what could have happened because we quickly grabbed a
position which clearly reflects our national bias against a
big, bad, boogie bear!!

I remember helping my
grandfather in Nebraska build a bomb shelter in his
basement…because we saw Sputnik… and knew the Russians
were coming…!

It’s clear @BS, our lives are woven
together with biases, not right, not wrong, but clearly
evident in our conventional and modern views.

are important, they are designed to help us survive and
promote fitness and well-being. However, when leaders are
unaware of their biases, their perspectives are limited, and
this affects capability applied through a style at a level, in
a role, using values as a means to accomplish system ENDS.

In this case, the ENDS are precarious at best and light
the fire of the Cold War…

I wonder if history will
indicate that this one act by our president reignited a flame
that took trillions of dollars to put out the last time?

So much for peace and harmony?

And yes clearly…
depending on which BIAS you stand, a case can be made in the
duality of right and wrong…

Yet, to channel one of my
favorite deverish, "…beyond right and wrong, there is a
field… I will meet you there!"

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