I recently received an email with the following subject line and content:

Success is your Birthright

Hey Gary…

We’re firm believers that everyone should taste
true success at least once in their lives.

Success is the birthright of every single individual,
and not just for the privileged few.

Today I’m willing to take you by the hand and coach
you in achieving your dreams.

Make today a miracle,
Chris Xxxx

The following is how a person Living at FLOW would respond:

Is success REALLY your birthright? 

I have searched far and wide and could not find anywhere that it says success is our birthright.  I can find many places that suggest “Happiness” is our birthright.

Recall @F-L-O-W we are all created perfect and that despite the variety of circumstances surrounding how we are born, babies are naturally happy.

It is only when after a time and we are exposed to our environment we start believing that success is our birthright.  Actually, happiness  is independent of success and that success is defined by each of us individually–many times the emergence of our life in our surround is not successful — as determined by modern day criteria!

Right now, 1 billion people don’t get enough to eat everyday to ward off immune-related diseases!

When you dig into what is proposed in our Model @F-L-O-W, you will begin to look at your life differently, often resulting in greater Happiness.  “Happiness”  is defined by each of us, because what is happiness to me may be misery to others and not success by any definition!

Once we begin to accept that we are all perfect and couldn’t be anything other than what we are, we begin to treat each other as perfect beings and not think we are better or worse than anyone else, we can begin to focus on our real success.

As contrary to Blank Slate thinking where we are imperfect–as compared to standards of success — and must spend our lives perfecting our imperfections — @F-L-O-W we experience happiness which believe it or not can stand without post-modern success as we know It.

While it’s not easy, it can be as simple as rediscovering your inborn purpose and living at flow — the world of success may not be there with open arms, but in most cases, success will find you!  For those that it doesn’t, we need to redefine success in our postmodern world!