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Since birth we have been programmed to believe that
happiness comes from owning "things" that society [big business and the
advertising media] have told us we must have.

We have also been told that we can be, do, have, become
anything we want as long as we follow the success route of others, work
hard, study long, and in general "fake it until we make it". 

Mike has proven through his more than 30 years of
research that this just isn’t so.  We are all born perfect, yet we are
all different with different talents and abilities.  When we know
ourselves, we begin to better understand our unique talents.  When we
build on our unique strengths and collaborate with others through
scaffolding, we can experience greater happiness and success.

In the early 1900’s the concept of Blank Slate [BS] was
formed which basically stated: we are not perfect and to be successful, we
need to strengthen our weaknesses and in so doing we can have all that we
desire.  Big business began to tell us we needed this and that to get
to our ["their"] desired success.  Success was associated with having
more "things".

The result was we began to consume more and more
"things" on our road to greater success and happiness.  The result is
clearly seen today in the fact that the fastest growing industry is the
Self Storage business.  We have collected so many things and are
afraid to get rid of them for fear we will loose our happiness and success
[pseudo success].

Mike, in his newest book, shows us an alternative to
this consumption madness in our attempt to find the happiness we
experienced as children.  In fact, you will begin to consume 33% less
and rediscover true happiness and success.

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