Coming to a Town Near You

[NOTE: Almost every day Mike Jay posts to his Inner-circle ideas and information he has gleaned from his vast readings and his unique ability to spot patterns.  Below is one of the posts he mad to his Inner-circle today.  From time-to-time I will post more articles Mike has written so you too may glean some knowledge from him.  It is important to your well-being to at least consider what Mike says because he has been right much more often than not and in order to protect you and your family from what may be coming your way, it is at least good to have a chance to be better prepared.]

This is coming, if not already here, to a town near you (if you live in the west!)

“As consumption drops, consumption dropping accelerates…the reason the FED is pumping money into the system is to do what it can to avoid consumption decelerating faster… What has been happening is humiliating.  If I fail, and businesses like mine fail, then everything else fails. We are going through a financial war, which is burying us. Will there be any survivors?”

These are the comments of the Tedeschi family, owners of a small Italian woodworking business, in an interview with The New York Times.  Italian businesses are failing at a rate of 1,000 per day.  The Tedeschi’s business is barely hanging on, and had to lay off half its workforce since 2011. The backbone of Italy’s economy — small manufacturers — is weakening at an alarming rate.

Italian stocks, well off their old highs, may look cheap — but they operate in an economy that’s destroying shareholder value. “Throw all the bums out!” was the message from the Italian elections.  Investors must not ignore the political upheaval under way in Italy, for it will shake the foundation of the euro system.

Don’t think for ONE MINUTE that this is not going to affect you, shift your design now, look at how falling consumption can affect your situation now, near and far.

AMERICA is 90% service economy or more, which means we sell stuff to each other…IF WE STOP BUYING, and we are, trust me on this, we are slowing discretionary consumption–we all are in trouble BIG TIME.

JUST A 5% drop in consumption (which btw is now being manufactured by sequestration-type issues) will CRATER the system!

WATCH EUROPE, as this become more widespread, as we start to see drops in GDP around the world due to austerity/deconsumption…you will start to see more and more issues described in the quote…NOT EVERYONE can retire, and when they do, IF THEY DO, the drop in consumption will accelerate in the WEST, taking the EAST with it…  My guess is that we are a decade away from the EAST providing enough income potential where incomes in the WEST can be affected…and it’s all about income….

EVEN with an ENERGY MIRACLE, which is in doubt…we STILL are going to suffer a paradigm shift of a magnitude which has never been seen…and truly what is the greatest fear (mine as well), is deflation and the devastation it can do to your life.


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