Enough Process

A process for understanding what is enough @F-L-O-W

Enough @F-L-O-W

A process for understanding what is
Metaphorically, we can compare development in nature to
seasonal growth and regrowth.  Where development is
guided rather than just purely the law of the jungle, or
survival of the fittest, we approach a conscious way of
developing what are naturally-occurring processes of growth
and change.

Using a metaphor of plant growth and pruning where the nature
of the plant is to grow, or survive…the "plant developer"
identifies appropriate areas for pruning, training, and

In the same way, a person who wants to develop themselves, or
others around them, look for clues in the natural formation of
growth and change — along with an understanding of
development and what works–and nurtures, guides, and prunes
if necessary those thoughts, ideas, and physically developing
attributes of themselves or others.

One of the guides in the past has to been to produce the best,
the most, the greatest, or even the most beautiful, all of
which are and have sometime been composite standards created
by powerful people and institutions to guide, prune, and even
train constituents.

Along the way, what has appeared are the limits to growth,
primarily produced by scale and the acceleration of complexity
due to scale.

When there were plenty of physical
resources, things grow and develop, having access to all
the resources they need.

In the era that we have entered, scale and increasing
complexity have produced "limits to growth" which have to be
considered, even if for a time between technological paradigm
shifts, which produces the "ages or epochs" of
hunter-gatherer; agriculture, industry, information, and now

In this new paradigm of experience, what is dawning is a
double-edged sword of opportunity and chaos, and depending on
one’s notions about the future, leans possibly more towards
one or the other, as in the age-old battle between desire and
fear (two cherubim’s sitting at the gates of heaven) or good
and evil–depending on your values-set.

As I have worked around the world and been introduced to a
varied set of existential conditions, I have begun more and
more to think about "enough."  Not the unbridled growth,
change, and development, which is natural in a system, but a
more conscious approach to perspective-taking and development.

In this perspective of enough, I have begun to approach the
"limits of growth" in a fashion as to decelerate, rather than
accelerate growth and development, without harming the central
function of creative evolution to look for adaptive success,
which has to be the gambit of growth and development — that
which adapts grows and develops, that which fails to adapt and
be, do, have, become, and contribute fitness falls away.

In approaching what is enough, I want to revisit the beginning
metaphor of biological growth, change, and development and the
processes by which both nature and nurture intervene or
surround the figure and ground of enough.

In my experience, all of us to this point in 2013, have grown
up under the influence of an unlimited set of resources, and
scale has not necessarily been an acute problem, although it’s
always somewhat of a chronic one, depending on where you are
in the world at any given time with the ebb and flow of

As my experience begins to construct a different perspective
around "limits to growth" the experience of enough becomes
much more relevant to anything we do as we have become and
will become even more–interdependent as a interconnected
people across the planet.

What is enough then becomes a question that seems to require
an answer when we start to address limits to growth issues.

As we look at ways to approach growth, change and development,
a strategy is emerging around what is enough, at least from my

While it’s much more complex than I have time to outline here,
let this short piece serve as a primer for what I call
Living @F-L-O-W
, where people are different, there
are limits to growth, scaffolding diversity is key, fairness
is not sameness, and each to his own has a particular if not
peculiar meaning in this emerging paradigm of enough.

To be fair, I would need to spend some time on how enough has
been seen over time, but in the spirit of conciseness, let me
break immediately to the bottom-line.

Each person has some "freedom" albeit increasingly becoming
more limited as the paradigm of "Living @F-L_O-W"
emerges into practice, to make some conscious choices about
the way in which they unconsciously live.

Imagine the dichotomy between unconscious and conscious as the
unconscious being a room with no light, but everything is
there and functioning to the extent complexity creates in
concert with our capability and our conscious attention being
a flashlight that we can shine into that room and see small
parts of that room and our functioning as the light
illuminates that part.

What we have to do is to find those important junctions of our
inbornness (the component of the room that came with the
room), our emerging construction of our "room" using those
components and the resources that emerge in our lives and how
it all fits and works together to produce our experience.

In this oversimplified version of the way reality might emerge
for each of us, enough is discoverable in that room, with our
conscious attention lighting the way.

I’m not going to say it’s easy for everyone, but it’s worth it
for anyone, and from that, everyone benefits!

Join us for our series of Living @F-L-O-W, as we offer
guidelines on Enough @F-L-O-W!

The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step and the world can be changed by only
one person and you are staring at her/him in the mirror.

you do NOTHING else in 2013, experience the simple notions
of deepening your understanding of what you really need in
your life to be on purpose…change will emerge from that.

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