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I have a collaborative proposition for you.

You’ve Got Money!

No, this isn’t your latest Internet Marketing Scam, although it might sound too good to be true I grant you, but essentially it is the power of Relationships @F-L-O-W.

Here is the nutshell version:Mike Jay and grandson

I’m Mike R. Jay, from Nebraska — working internationally — with a new platform of Global Well-Being @F-L-O-W, ready to launch in 2015.

And that’s me, with my grandson James…and that’s why I care about our future!

It’s taken me a Decade @F-L-O-W to get to this point.  It’s good enough now, proven in tests around the world, and I need partners to help me get it out there — we want to earn your trust.

Essentially, it is a paradigm shift from “wants — back  to needs”, a natural bump in happiness in the process, and more often than not, more success than you had before, along with lowering your ecological footprint and learning to peer, share, collaborate, glocalize, and contribute more easily — it’s called a being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing metasystem!

I know, that’s a tall order, but I have a history of meeting tall orders, and frankly, I owe it to you and the world, to do this work, when I can.

What I can’t do, is pretend I can do it without your collaboration.

I launched a major Internet Platform (still going btw) called in 1998 and when all the other Internet Start-Ups went belly up, we tightened our belts and kept on keeping on, to train more than 3,000 business coaches in more than 45 countries in a state-of-the-art developmental coaching system.  It’s still state of the art, even ahead of it’s time, I’m proud to say.

In 2003, I launched Leadership University, and it’s still going, continuing to amass an international library of leadership content with participants from about 80 countries today.

But that is not enough.  We have to find a way to actually put this stuff on the ground in our everyday lives — now, in an even bigger way, as most of our systems are suffering fatigue and starting to render problems under the weight of legacy Blank Slate [BS] conditioning, which I’ll explain more about in a minute.

Over the years, I’ve taken in millions from my internet work, and shared that money equally as fast with those in my many businesses around the world, often successfully, and sometimes, as successful failures, which keeps us honest and humble.

I’ll steal a phrase from Obama… “I’m not a perfect man, nor am I a perfect businessman…”

I turned big 60 in 2012, and it was my year, the year of the dragon, and as I get ready for 2024. I’ve worked for a decade on this model because I saw too much suffering at the hands… yes, I hate to admit it… of BUSINESS.

For all the good we have done, we have created as much suffering; and if you get out of the western world into the other parts of the world, you can see the actual carnage we have created, and are creating with our ADVERTISING and PROMOTION of the GOOD LIFE.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  BUSINESS is NOT the problem, our philosophy is; and that is what I am trying to SHIFT @F-L-O-W.  I describe it thoroughly, as well as the antidote I’ve created succinctly in my new BOOK @F-L-O-W: Find, Design, Use TALENT to Emerge Happiness & Success in a PostModern World .

Here’s how YOU, ME, & WE, in BUSINESS can do good, while doing well — it’s takes both/and.

Here’s what you do:

It’s simple, you agree to purchase my book, $39.95 + S&H now (I donate $25 of the purchase price to my RICE for Poor families in the Philippines Fund.).


During our 2015, we are going to make a series of GIVEAWAYS @F-L-O-W available to you, setting the stage for WHAT MATTERS @F-L-O-W and we’ll let you send those out before we do, to your list. We’ll plan to release videos to our “friends” before we broadcast them to our lists and social media, so you can tag them with your affiliate links.

During this process, people will go to our pre-launch registration page and register using YOUR AFFILIATE LINK — which tags them for life — anything they buy in our system will generate an affiliate commission to you automatically, once it goes past $50, you’ll receive a PayPal, – YOU’VE GOT MONEY, at least once a month, or $50 when it accumulates, whichever applies.

Once you get them into our pre-launch system, we’ll do the rest.

They will receive access to our series of GIVEAWAYS @F-L-O-W. It will explain the system and the platform that I am releasing in 2015. Of course, they can opt-out at any time, but the GIVEAWAYS will be so packed full of relevant information that I doubt they will opt-out.  If nothing else, they will be excited to catch the next edition as I lead them through current life conditions in leader development, what to expect now underneath it all, how understanding Behavioral MetaDYNAMICS will improve their business and personal relationships, and how to navigate the turbulence we are all in now.

The information in these GIVEAWAYS will provide insights into our current issues, and emerging opportunities if you are on the right side of being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing.

Can they sign up as an affiliate?

Sure and you’ll be glad to know that when they do, a small slice of their referral income will also come your way as well. Our affiliate commissions range from a low (on the retail book price of $8) to a high in the hundreds for our most advanced level programs. 

I do ask your patience as the system is just coming out of a 3-year-long beta and there are some undecided logistical questions about the exact dollars of cost in each program, but I promise you this, it WILL be worth your while to help spread the word about this MOVEMENT @F-L-O-W.

Because the system is complex, simplicity on the other side of complexity can be a bit daunting, but it does exist as we’ve been testing it on folks for the past 3 years, and most are good to go — most will tell you that Being, Doing, Having, Becoming, and Contributing @F-L-O-W has enhanced their well-being, lowered their consumption footprint, and started them on a path to recovery from the conditioning of Blank Slate,– more to come on that, just read below.

Click to Register for the Affiliate Program

Here’s what I’ll do:

I’ll send you an Electronic copy of my latest expose – Behavioral MetaDYNAMICS, because you have a right to know what it is you will be promoting to your colleagues, friends, and family during our pre-launch.

You can sign up at our Affiliate Link and tell us how to pay you.

Then I’ll start sending you PayPal Emails for the money you earn from referring people into our SYSTEM @F-L-O-W.


A new paradigm of being, having, doing, becoming, and contributing that switches people back from wants to needs, decelerating the paradigm of growth in an even and calculated way, while increasing individual happiness and reducing the ecological footprint of people in the post-modern world, at the same time improving collaboration to promote a rising tide for the world’s poor.

Behavioral MetaDYNAMICS @F-L-O-W is the next step for leaders [consultants, managers, coaches, people who like to be on the cutting edge of adult development]. 

Visit HERE to learn more.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible and I’ve been making it work in various ways for a decade around the world — as that’s how long I’ve been working on the PLATFORM @F-L-O-W. You can see the PLATFORM which is made up of levels of engagement and experience that are offered that will scaffold people along their own journeys, providing them the tools and methods they need to release themselves and their families, companies, and even communities from the conditioning and entrainment @BS. (Blank Slate)

Blank Slate was a term popularized by the now decade-old, bestseller from Stephen Pinker. Essentially @F-L-O-W operationalizes a paradigm designed to provide an antidote to the paradigm that the 1928 book called PROPAGANDA outlined–which is still the secret bible of PR/advertising as we speak.

@F-L-O-W contrasts BS in the following ways:

@BS (Blank Slate):
We Begin Broken We Begin Different
Everyone Is Created Equal Everyone Is NOT Created Equal
To Be Fair, It Must Be The Same To Be Fair, Each Different, But Fair
To Be Happy, Be Successful To Be Happy, Be, Do, Have, Become Happy.
Wants Replace Needs Needs Replace Wants
We Can Learn Anything We Can’t–Should Not–Learn Some Things
We Can Be Anything We Want We Can Be Anything We Can & Are!
Because We Can, We Will Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Will
We Are Rational Human Beings We Are Largely Irrational Beings
Refuse To Accept Ourselves And Others Unconditionally Accept Ourselves & Others
All Problems Can Be Solved By Growth Growth Is A Solution To Some Problems

I know this is a lot to throw at you, but this is important, it’s enabling and it’s capable of providing solutions for millions of people lost in the cul-de-sac of Blank Slate Conditioning, who are stuck in the rat race created by those that can, and do. The ball and chain of money and credit is one that is dragging down our society now, and will for the foreseeable future, unless we unlock the secrets to freeing ourselves once again.


I admit, this is not an answer to, nor a theory of everything, but QUESTIONS @F-L-O-W will get us all to the next level, with more dignity, caring, collaboration, and meaning, than most of what is happening to us now from our 100 years of addiction to BS.

I hope you’ll become my partner, and a FRIEND @F-L-O-W, and later when you are convinced, join our movement beyond business partnership and get involved in doing what you can to contribute as you are one of the lucky ones.

I am, in gratitude,

Mike R. Jay

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