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Alicia Parr


Tacking on to Manya’s note. I’m so glad to
have found this group and took the risk of heading out to San
Antonio despite the many reasons I could manufacture to not do it.
New to this group, I was called “brave” (really?), a “kid” (from a
42 yo’s perspective – AWEsome), and “resilient” (heck yeah, man,
this is earned). What I gained from the weekend is connections
with a unique group of brilliant people and lessons about how
things are and myself, most of which I’m not yet aware of. I’ve
watched a couple of the recent webinars by Mike and I don’t know
if there’s something qualitatively different about those, or if
immersion and repetition is allowing more of it to stick, but it’s
really interesting to watch myself undergo the shift. Although
much of the pontification is about how to shift society to a
different way of thinking, I’m more interested in how this
framework applies within a growing organization. Why am I so
limited? For one, that’s my job as the senior HR person in a
high-growth org. Secondly, that’s what my CIP can handle. The
reason I point this out is that I’m eager to engage in discussions
about organization-specific scaffolding with those so inclined. In
the back of my mind, there’s a niggling tug to apply these ideas
to K-12 education, first from an individual perspective as my 4 yo
son rapidly approaches school age, and later as a framework for
building an org that participates in the disruption of how
education is done here in the U.S.
To close, I’m super
grateful to have found this group and to have attended the
retreat. I feel ‘led’ here. I look forward to seeing what more
comes of it.
Thanks everyone,


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