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Mike Jay – Switzerland

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I will tell you of something that has really helped me.

When i first came to Philippines 3 years ago, i was still so full of BS that i thought any “reasonable” system i could build would work, if i would set it up and run it properly…depending on the system to scaffold the lack of “everything else”.


What i realized lately is that the only way to help some of these people is to cut them back all the way to “needs” not wants.

And what that means is you take them back so far that the needs are one step above starvation.

NOW< this is a revelation to me, because in my BS conditioned brain…i think it is so sad, that few of these people have opportunity…but empowerment without Multifaceted Capability @F-L-O-W actually “scaffolds the people in the wrong direction” believe it or not.

I have returned some calm and peace and hope to my own system realizing that i can’t help all of them the way they want to be helped…but what i can do, is provide the basic dignity of a meal a day, and medicine when critical.

IT took me 3 years and more money than i wish to admit, active experimenting my way through this system to figure out where the “backstop” was, and it has created as much pain as it has solved, however, i have found a new place of peace, of hope and of resolve now, and while i won’t be able to get only a few starfish back in the water, i can help a few live awhile to perhaps a “tide” comes into to get them…!

Dignity @F-L-O-W has been restored for me and for them and while they don’t like it…they are eating a good meal a day and have critical medicine for their children, and parents.

Towards that end, I have been working for the past year at the “backstop” = rice meals, and along those lines, JUST this morning i decided to form the GENERATI Rice Collaborative, under our parent company.

With the help from some of you ( i have received about $1000 in donations from the pre-purchase book sale, thanks, i really need 5x this much, please help)…I have prepurchased 140 50k sacks of harvest rice, i need to purchase 2x that many, as the yield on harvest rice is about 60% of a full READY TO EAT 50kilo sack.

You have to understand all this work is done by hand and that is a good thing, btw, we won’t try to change that (as i advised the Indians a decade ago to keep people in the villages and out of city slums–>the largest in the world, still:( )

Harvest will start last week of October, and continue for one month, through our thanksgiving, my hope is to continue to get donations with the prepurchase of the book on Thanksgiving, in order to accomplish our first year goals of 200 sacks of ready to eat rice by the first week in december, so we can begin holiday distribution to our network.

What we are researching now, is how to combine other nutrition dry ingredients with the rice, such as lentils, peas, and other possible substitutes to create a nutritious rice meal, we can then distribute to qualifying families in order that they get one nutritious meal a day–to start–this seems to be a sweet spot as a backstop again immune dysfunction, eating once a day, one good nutritious meal.

That is our goal.

So far, i have helped 7 farmers with pre-purchase rice program, i have 7 more waiting, and i can’t help them right now, if you can and want to support @F-L-O-W, our book launch and this rice initiative, please try to help, buy an extra book to give as gift to someone needy and running out of hope, or just someone in the rat race, whose dying to get out…

Nothing could be better @F-L-O-W than to have the book as a heartfelt gift for someone.

For those buying at least four books in our prepurchase program, i will gift you the live calls in our TPOV @F-L-O-W 101 Day Challenge.

Normally, this program will sell for $597, but for those of you who purchase four books (thanks to those who already have), i will gift you the 101 live calls i will do on the 101 TPOVs (we actually have more, but i will do 101 first)…

This program will start running on November 23, and continue until i have done 101 audios for those TPOVs that are selected for the program.

That is my next bhag and rain or shine, travel or not, i will get them done by the time I’m 61, hehe.

My intent is to review and update the TPOV as I discuss them on audio, later will we choose favorites to begin the 101 videos that will go with them and i will get those done by the time I’m 62, omg, hehe.

So, what can you do to collect your live calls?  [make sure your total purchase of pre-purchase and purchased books on Thanksgiving 2012 are at least 4.

Anyone buying 10 books, will receive access to the recorded audios, and credit for TPOVs @F-L-O-W, a $597 offer.

Now, that’s one of my stories @F-L-O-W.

Can you help me, help them?


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