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An Increasing Gap between Capability and Complexity

The following story is to help give you some
understanding between one’s capability and the
exponential expansion of modern complexity and
why it is important to understand this gap so
that we may find some solutions which Living
@F-L-O-W helps to address.


First off, I’m not a big democracy guy in the
face of accelerating complexity… since I
often feel a bit depressed myself that I can’t
imagine how I can keep up with emerging energy
and information.  My dissipative structure
includes a significant amount of emotional
entropy at times…
THAT being said, in my laboratory here in the
Philippines, I get to see things you guys
can’t imagine and that is how people with
nothing are affected by modern times….
I’m watching the family that you all helped me get
the brother out of jail last night huddled
around a small CP/TV watching a Philippine soap, and
they were laughing and enjoying it, all
huddled together watching a 2 inch screen.
And similar thoughts occurred to me, as Brian
writes below — where were they in this "food
They lived on the street, unlike most street
people, they had a make shift house 1 square meter for attempting to crawl into, out of the
weather when it was raining, and to keep their
things in one place… No electricity, no
running water, and a stove for cooking rice…

Their 1 square meter house – a Pedi-cab


Here they were in my condo, along with a
number of others who often gather on Sundays
to watch TV, eat and hang out… and I get to
watch them closely to try to understand where
they are in this "food chain"… whether they
are in fact… "victims" of some pre-meditated
design by the winners of nature’s lottery.
I suspect to some extent they are–as Brian
eludes — victims of a sort.

The question that arises (for me) is what is
this human experience?
It often comes with a pre-ordained way in
which the world should be (usually driven @BS
by composite standards — including Philippine
soap operas)… commercialized in some form to
guide benefits among the participants.
TOO many people make the mistake (IMHO) of
thinking that other people experience reality
in the same way they do…
I watch people as they are ingrained… by the
"machine" Brian points to…
and I wonder… are they happy… even if in our
definitions of success, they would be lacking
in some form…?
as I watched this small family…
[Side note: the girl who is the acting mother
said one early Sunday describing to me her
dilemma of no sleep, no life outside of caring
for her two brothers and two sisters, and the
occasional siting of the mother and father…
And her putting her foot down and telling the
father that if he is going to eat their food
that she is in fact accumulating through
various activities, that he needs to
contribute — no free ride, as has been his
practice — and before we judge him too much,
you have to understand that 3 billion people
lack a dignified job opportunity — thus being
pulled into a centrifugal force that resembles
She told me, she told her parents that she
would leave the children if they didn’t
provide some means of support, including
emotional, rather than letting her as a 20
old carry the entire load of these four kids
on her back…  It was her only way out per se,
on her own road to ruin… as she described she
goes to bed at around midnight, arising at 3
am to get the kids off to school by 5:00 AM,
which she takes them…


Her life at this point,
isn’t one and I can see the strain in her, so
much so that she threatens the biological
parents with having to accept responsibility
for the children because she will leave — which
I don’t know she can do, because if she could,
she might have, rather than assume this
enormous responsibility…
In any case, in the picture (which INSPIRED ME
TO HELP HER, after an initial Easter scaffold)
I had pulled back because:

1) we have too many
right now, and 

2) she formatted some lies to
construct a reality that coerced more support
more quickly…
Largely because (these situations become
developmentally complicated, which is my
occluded point for writing)… once we got the
brother out, where do they live if he is
eventually driving the pedicab.  Where do they
keep their things… so a shelter of some kind
has to be configured… and that is where the
mother comes back in, who has a new boy friend
in the squatter area.


I’ll pass along some pictures
once I get access to a government "assigned"
squatter area (where the government takes an area,
where people are congregating and makes it an
official "squatter" area, so they can begin to
integrate some civilized standards.  Although
when you see the pictures, you will wonder
(picking back up Brian’s comments) whether a
democracy really exists anywhere….
And here’s my tie-in and back-out of the side
note (which I wanted to work in because all of
you who donated bought a vested interest in
this small families journey by allocating some
funds to scaffold them some… (I have the
problem going forward of whether to walk away
leaving the scaffold that is provided by the
brother being out as enough density to carry
some of the weight of this girl acting as a
parent — as the picture demonstrates, keeping 3
of them in school) which requires daily
funding and believe me, she doesn’t have a
dignified job, she has to do everything from
panhandling, to begging, to street work at
night to keep money coming for daily bread…
…the existence (or so I think) of a
democracy means that citizens of the democracy
are informed, or will inform themselves and
"vote" this information in a form that
improves life for all… or I imagine this
might be what it is…
In the FACE of accelerating complexity, fewer
and fewer people can and will be informed,
pushing the scaffold for all into fewer and
fewer, more dense and powerful supports…and
what emerges is what Brian seems to indicate
is a pre-ordained (for different reasons)
social asymmetry where few have power and
resources and the others may suffer as a
The question that I have…
Under these conditions, is democracy:


2) a good idea;

3) warranted, or

4)any parts of the above…?
My sense is… is that democracy is an illusion
created by those who believe a certain
way… and perhaps not such a great idea… not
that it ever was such a great idea, because
throughout time, some people have, and other’s
have not…
To go along with this democratic delusion is
the idea that because democracy is a good
thing (which it’s clearly proving
challenging)… that people will be or even can
be part of the machinery, using the majority
to make rules that solve the social
My sense is that Brian is appropriate to
question the ideas, but what I have tried to
do is explain why it might be important to
question the premise, that democracy itself,
or it’s illusion is in fact, the generator of
the problems…?


My point is that under
complexity, we
fractionalize reality
which promotes
polarization in the
coping process, so we
have more solutions from
different perspectives,
a la blind monks and
elephant–>each is
partly right!!
The Blind and the elephant

Attempts at holistic
responses are shot in
the foot with the
acceleration of
dimensional complexity,
because no matter how
complex you get, you can’t
get complex enough
leaving the problem
space incompletely
occupied with solution
space…  In some cases,
the dimensional
byproduct is more
complex than the
original problem…

So much energy goes
into solving the wrong
problem –> somebody is
right and we all have
to get there… rather
than looking at fit
and alignment, moving
the rifle site off of
polarization — realizing
diversity in
(polarization around
my view or theirs) has
us emotionally hooked
on right and wrong
stuff that eats up
available energy and
information for
dimensional problem

My feeling is…

If we accept that
polarization is a
natural response to
AC [Accelerating
Complexity]… then move off of
it being a problem. 
then send energy and
information in other
places… so trying to
move people to the
middle may create too
much entropy…

So what happens if we
just allow people to
continue to
fractionalize and
while resources become
an issue (which may
not be a bad thing) we
naturally will start
to mimic reality
(fractionalized) as
multifaceted and
therefore promote
increasing diversity,
less zero sum and
collaboration because
I realize I have a
partial solution
because in some areas
it works great but has
limitations in others
calling for additional
dimensional solutions
which may have to be
layered — mimicking

The time of holism has
expired because of
AC… the domain of
what nobody knows is
growing faster than
domains of what
somebody knows and

The arrogance we have
in thinking we are
solving more problems
than we create are
about to be shattered
in which the
consciousness may be
required to shift
backwards out of
instead of forwards
into AC…

Our species is NOT
wired for what we are
able to create…

Therefore a new
species will emerge
which has a different
set of skills… and
until/while that
happens, we need to be
careful we don’t
accelerate our own
exit, hehe…

So for
me — polarization — is
the wrong fixation
because we are all
also… partly wrong
too, which means we
will need scaffolding
and support in areas
largely that are in
fact responsible for
our fractional
views — which doesn’t
have to be a bad
thing… because, more
than likely, it may
help us shatter the
ego delusion which
maintains the need for

This was my comment
about slipping into
diminishing returns
around values

In the face of
all run home to mama (Jonesy
talking to seaman
Beaumont in RED
OCTOBER)… and mama is
our values set…

So future AC will
naturally lead to
accelerated values
conflict… unless we
take the sting out of
that by moving off
good and bad and
trying to understand
what fits where in the
puzzle –where are the
missing pieces in your
life, work, and
play… the missing
cards –> because nobody
is playing with a full

For me, de-personalizing the
values conflict could
lead to accelerating
collaboration once we
begin to realize none
of us has "the"

Or fully perceives the

The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step and the world can be changed by only
one person and you are staring at her/him in the mirror.

you do NOTHING else in 2013, experience the simple notions
of deepening your understanding of what you really need in
your life to be on purpose…change will emerge from that.

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