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Introduction to  Living

What you will experience in the five session program:


Stephen Hawking’s to 21st century
grads: Embrace complexity

A few years ago, Hawking was asked what he thought of the
common opinion that the twentieth century was that of biology
and the twenty-first century would be that of physics.  Hawking
replied that in his opinion the twenty-first century would be
the “century of complexity”.  That remark probably holds more
useful advice for contemporary students than they realize
since it points to at least two skills which are going to be
essential for new college grads in the age of complexity:
statistics and data visualization.

Screening Noise for Signals–HOW!?

  • There is only so much MITEAM [Money,
    Information, Time, Energy, Attention,
    and Motivation] you can use
  • Each use provides an opportunity for you to leverage
    and compound your happiness & success
  • How do you know what to screen and filter?
    • actually, you are already setup naturally to
      screen and filter
    • go with the flow?
    • when flow is dangerous?

 Learning to use the MITEAM:

  • Paradigm shift and Dissonance Gap
  • Defunding the current system, funding the new system
  • Switching from bell curve to power laws
  • Means and ENDS
  • Signal and Noise
  • Fractionalization
  • Fishbowling
  • How to select the problems you want to solve

Running Parallel Systems?

  • Different underlying assumptions [see talking points]
  • Winding down @BS
  • Designing @F-L-O-W

As I spoke about in my forecast update…the number can be
anything as long as the "mood" is stable…sentiment is
the thing to watch over time….

Disintegration (while still reaching out)…will be as an
important a tool as integration in the face of shifting

There is an old psychological axiom that equates "okness"
extending in parallel with the extent to which we feel in

"Feeling" as in sentiment or mood maybe improved under
turbulence by "Ontegral" work…not just integral.

I coined this term more than a decade ago to help people
understand the value of on, as well as, integration.

What I pointed out or tried to in my forecast update is that
fractionalization as a result of what I refer to as ontegration, or the more pejorative term I use (being a
mis-matcher) DIS-integration will become a meta systematic
driver for positive sentiment emerging from feelings of
being ok… as a result of "bounding reality" and thus
curtailing large amounts of affect emergent from
accelerating complexity and "attempts" at integration,
where integration becomes beyond our meager cognitive
capabilities during the transition between the emergence
of the organic/inorganic interfaces emerging.

The question–after you get "over"–the notion that
integral is anymore than an unfolding cul de sac replete
with corresponding diminishing returns, we can begin to
live, work, and play @F-L-O-W.

Join me for a "Tour @F-L-O-W"…the early bird window is
now open for our charter "Living @F-L-O-W" program
which will reveal the ontegral approach of
disintegration… with increasing returns for you as an
individual and all of us as a collective.

M. Scott Peck–in reanalyzing some of the Hebrew
Translation of the bible–indicated that we may have
"misunderstood" the meaning of "…the kingdom of God is
WITHIN you…" to be the kingdom of GOD is AMONG you…"

It’s critical to use both integral as well as ontegral
tools in your own "Journey @F-L-O-W"… fitting integration
AND disintegration into your toolkit for the future… as
all us tackle complexity and progressivity.

The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step and the world can be changed by only
one person and you are staring at her/him in the mirror.

you do NOTHING else in 2013, experience the simple notions
of deepening your understanding of what you really need in
your life to be on purpose…change will emerge from that.

For a guided process in
self-illumination, join Mike Jay for Living @F-L-O-W,
and become part of the solution, rather than part of the

The course tuition is $197, which gives
you access to the bonus materials, the live calls as well
as the recordings.

Class begins September 9 at 8:30 PM ET
and continues each Monday through October 7.  The
classes will be recorded if you are unable to make some of
the calls.

Guarantee: If before the start of the 2nd
class session you feel that you do not want to know more about Living at FLOW,
email and request a

BONUS: You will be given
access to a battery of assessments to help you understand
"you" better, which will make it easier for you to move
forward in our ever changing world.  On our class site
are additional materials to help you on your journey to your
life @F-L-O-W.

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