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Introduction using a Teachable Point of View (TPOV)

TPOVs @F-L-O-W: Using the Pillars

"The Pillars @F-L-O-W have a multidimensional design, and using them for designing many approaches is part of the flexibility @F-L-O-W in design."

The four pillars listed in the original soft-launch are Awareness, Purpose, Competence, and Wellth. Since that time we have added Scaffolding.

In this TPOV, I want to show how the flexibility of the design allows us a prime approach to how things get done, surveyed, measured and put into practice, simply through the use of the pillars as guidelines.

Here’s my model:

We can assess both a baseline and outcomes over time with the application of the five pillars.

For example:

We can assess Awareness, Purpose, Competence, and Wellth, as they are Scaffolded in the current design.

This provides a baseline for gradually replacing the legacy system which may lack awareness, have diluted purpose, and lower levels of competence, coupled with fewer WELLTH outcomes, which is the design that is scaffolding you now.

Here’s what it looks like in graphic form:

We can approach this assessment casually, or more formally depending on the resources and risks, and I’ll cover this in more depth in the Living @F-L-O-W System Model.

To the extent that we can discover, disclose and accept our findings for the current state, we can then proceed to map out the desired state using the same approach through the pillars.

Helpful Hint: Using the pillars as guidelines, and either informal or formal assessment, we can identify key factors for Living @F-L-O-W, what the current design is generating, and what changes in the design need to be put in place for the desired state to emerge.

Action Step: Assess the layers, levels and capability in the pillars of Awareness, Purpose, Competence, and Wellth, and use Scaffolding rather than change to maintain gaps, but eliminate the negative consequences of maintaining those gaps.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and the world can be changed by only one person and you are staring at her/him in the mirror.

If you do NOTHING else in 2013, experience the simple notions of deepening your understanding of what you really need in your life to be on purpose…change will emerge from that.

For a guided process in self-illumination, join Mike Jay for Living @F-L-O-W, and become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

The course tuition is $197, which gives you access to the bonus materials, the live calls as well as the recordings.

Class begins September 9 at 8:30 PM ET and continues each Monday through October 7.  The classes will be recorded if you are unable to make some of the calls.

Guarantee: If before the start of the 2nd class session you feel that you do not want to know more about Living at FLOW, email and request a refund.

BONUS: You will be given access to a battery of assessments to help you understand "you" better, which will make it easier for you to move forward in our ever changing world.  On our class site are additional materials to help you on your journey to your life @F-L-O-W.

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