Life at FLOW

The key @F-L-O-W

How do we ever come up with standards and practices for living at FLOW?

A very important point:

While we seek BS [Blank Slate] at our 1-5%, it works for us and is not BS, UNTIL we project that as a generalized solution.

That’s an important distinction to continue to make.

The key @F-L-O-W, IMHO, is to improve/enhance/enable (your choice of wording) happiness, and through happiness stop driving consumption.  Although with that being said, except for the 1-5% where consumption makes them happy.

What I spent a decade trying to unravel for myself is a lifestyle that could be part of the solution and less a part of the problem, at least for the idea of “limits to growth” which means until we allow technology to help us, to decelerate consumption/activity, and even in some cases, complexity for the masses, who do a really bad job of fractionalizing it and creating many more problems than they solve (emergenics).

So, for me…

Continuing to drive happiness rather than success is an appropriate substitute.

Something that I am starting to understand ties back into the “transmutation” of sexual desire.

I know this might seem an unlikely place, and an unlikely topic, but I want to try to relate something here, based on a little known or understood idea in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich.

Hill indicated that achievement is enhanced when the sexual desire is transmuted, but what I am beginning to notice is that the same idea around transmutation may drive us to achievement and success, so the puritanical approach to sex, especially for me, may actually be inciting a good deal of the achievement angst and drive for success because frankly… men are not getting enough sex… ugh.

I know for women at least as I see it from my dim male view, don’t walk around all day thinking much about it, as intimacy can be emerged from many different vectors, which are not sex.

But it could be, that my original idea to substitute happiness for success to decelerate consumption, may have something to do with this whole issue of sexual energy and its transmutation.

I have not had time to delve deeply into Propaganda by Bernays, only reading a few chapters but I can’t help but think that sense BS is so involved in deep substitution of sexual stereotypes with subtle images and shapes… that there is something here.

Traveling around the world, I have noticed a lot of differences in sexual practices and what seems to be a relationship to consumption and more and more I’m wondering if my switching happiness and success might have some relationship to this transmutation of doing nothing after sex… but in lieu of sex, activity increases — more than likely subconsciously to get at something that is not occurring sufficiently.

With a focus on rational man, we should discipline ourselves but all we do is probably regress these desires from conscious to subconscious making a perfect substrate for mindless consumption because we are never going to consume that which is the ultimate aim.

Just some ideas I have been wanting to broach, not sure if the list can handle this, or not, but that hasn’t stopped me before, or so it seems!

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