TPOVs @F-L-O-W: Skill vs. Inborn Motives?

“My greatest skill has been to want but little.” – Henry David Thoreau

Based on what I know about Thoreau, this is not a skill, this is a motivation that is more than likely inborn, BIG difference!!

His cabin was within walking distance to “mom’s house where he went for a good meal now and again” (scaffolding the hermitage, hehe, easier when mom is close, or so I think I read somewhere.

Caveat: Thoreau could have meant this in a way that I do not see, FYI, but the topic provides fodder for my rant, thanks!

A skill would be developed that says I have x dollars and I can get 5x what other people can get with those dollars, through compounding and leverage, as an example, part of what I am doing in the Philippines.

I can’t get what I want and I feel I need (body work per se) in the USA, so if I need/want, I can use my skill to move to a culture where instead of paying $90 dollars for a single massage, I can get it for $3, which is the price of my daily foot massage, and that same $90 was applied with skill (not inborn motivation) to last the entire month, making me feel like a king, without having me living close to mom… hehe

Helpful Hint: There is a big and notable difference between skill and motivation; skill in its various forms as it is modified by vertical, horizontal and oblique capability! We are all going to experience the juggling of needs and wants, and vice versa, so we don’t want to necessarily live a Spartan or ascetic life style per se. That is not the goal, as it is for the 1-5%, but to use compounding and leverage, along with less resource consumption for Life @F-L-O-W.

In my mind, hehe, I have a big debate going because the lectical system (which I like a lot) is based on Fischer’s skill theory and not entirely subject to the same tenets as Commons, et al Hierarchical Complexity Theory; although both derive similar results, or so it might seem. But Fischer is more @BS because of the use of developing skill… which I think you can’t do if you can’t.

The kind of skill you can develop is not the same as you can have, or generate…

Action Step: This is a key set of factors in determining not only how to explain, but how to use the skill you have to get as far as you can with what you have.

This also begins to unravel the notions of how we live @F-L-O-W… and that I believe is important.