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Using ValuDYNAMICS Everyday

ValuDYNAMICS is not a theory. The tools here are in play each and everyday, in every decision we make, all of our behavior, and the outcomes we produce as a result.

In concert with CAPABILITY, BIAS, STYLE, LEVEL, ROLE, and SYSTEM DYNAMICS, ValuDYNAMICS is one of the key elements in design and scaffolding of postmodern live, work, and play. It is particularly of interest to postmodern leaders who must take accountability and responsibility for the allocation of resources under increasing "limits to growth."

ValuDYNAMICS, or ValuDYNAMIC Systems (VDS) can be described simply by a set of assumptions that are listed below:

– Over time, the matching of problems with solutions has produced duplicatable algorithms.

– These algorithms, which are nothing more than (continuously updating) "dynamic code" (DC) map against "accelerating complexity" (AC); in fact, it is AC that is creating the need for DC!

To be part of our 2014 class in ValuDYNAMICS, December 8-10, register below.  Or if you want to take the class tuition free, join us at our 2104 Retreat @F-L-O-W in San Antanio, TX December 12-14 and you will receive a complemintary enrollment.  Visit HERE for Retreat information and registration.

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