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BmD arose
out of a demand for a leadership development approach that emerged
from the need to consider development in 4-Directions: Vertical,
Horizontal, Oblique, and Time—required, because solutions must be
crafted in 4 dimensions to meet VUCA conditions. (Volatile,
Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous).

and Oblique dimensions are critical components of Dimensional
Leadership as is TIME, and understanding these components creates
leverage in BmD for leaders and followers.
Using what he
learned in more than 25 years of Global Professional Coaching,
Mike R. Jay became focused on adult development and the leverage
that exists for BEHAVIORAL CHANGE.

In the
process of developing BmD, Mike utilized adult developmental
systems devised by researchers over the past hundred years,
including specifically Michael Commons, Robert Kegan, Jane
Loevinger and Susanne Cook-Greuter, Kurt Fischer, Theo Dawson,
Elliott Jaques, Clare Graves and Don Beck, Lawrence Kohlberg, and
many others who have contributed to the current state of Adult
Through the coaching of thousands of clients
and the training of coaches in more than 45 countries over more
than three decades, Mike devised a model of "development in a
leadership context
" simply "on the other side of complexity."

follows in the path of GENERATI @F-L-O-W and believes that change
is best designed and scaffolded from talent, rather than extracted
from working on limitations.

Mike’s Holorg Approach
realizes that development occurs in the context, conditions,
code, and culture of organizations and thus using powerful
content, and knowledge of "core" individual attributes, enhances
self-awareness through the objectification of self-knowledge.
BmD is the network of Seven
: Capability, Bias, Style, Level, Role, Values, and
System. Taken individually and as a fractal–each containing parts
of the whole, the system can be used to both differentiate as well
as integrate self-knowledge, as enhancing self-awareness–the key
leadership component of VUCA TIME.

What does "getting certified" in BEHAVIORAL
MetaDYNAMICS (BmD) involve?

  • The program consists of a year-long
    embedded learning experience.
  • It includes an assessment portfolio
    carefully selected and tested for psychoactive elements.
  • It includes a "retreat experience" staged
    at the beginning and end of the program.

  • One retreat may be attended virtually to
    limit travel costs for International Participants.
  • Retreats are video-taped and recordings
    made available for those who pursue the "Certified Track."
  • The BmD Program includes 10 Modules, 7 of
    which contain the essential Core DYNAMICS

  • The modules are taught virtually online and
    involve a "participant-centered" developmental plan.
  • Learning how to create Individual
    Developmental Plans using BmD is the essential goal.
  • Embedded learning creates virtuous learning
    and reinforces the instructional design.

  • BmD is modeled throughout the process to
    allow you as a Certified BmD Participant to facilitate.
  • There is a travel, housing, and meal cost
    associated with one or both (optional) retreats.


What does Certification in BEHAVIORAL
MetaDYNAMICS (BmD) do for me?

If you are a manager/leader:

receive personal benefits derived from your own developmental
You may apply our Holorg System in your team, group,
or company.  You may
receive direct support from our Holorg Community, an inner circle
of practitioners who offer specific KSEs (Knowledge, Skill, and Experience)
related to implementation of the various components of BmD.
You get access to wholesale pricing of assessments, assessment
center support, and consulting on the use of BmD in your
You receive discounts on implementation,
training, coaching, and Holorg Organization Design*

If you
are a consultant:

addition to those benefits listed for leaders, you gain access to
our consulting community and become listed in our consulting
referral system. You receive options to gain experience in Holorg
Organizational Design* Implementation.

You receive support in implementing BmD with your clients globally.

If you
are a coach:

addition to those benefits listed for leaders and consultants, you
will receive additional coaching training opportunities using
COACH2 @F-L-O-W, providing you with access to our internal
coaching team. Coaches should have certificates, prior training,
and/or certification in Coaching from recognized sources.

* Holorg
Organizational Design is a Principle-Driven Requisite Approach
codified by Mike R. Jay after testing the system around the world
for a decade. It involves best practices in Requisite
Organization, Agile Software Development, Strategic Human Resource
Development, and Facilitation.

What does BmD Certification Cost?

  • The program can be eaten whole or in
    pieces; what’s important is the emergence of your own
    developmental plan.

  • Some people will take more than a year to
    fully understand and grok this method, while others may pick
    up the ideas in a few meetings.

  • There are two retreats, the first is not required, but
    optional and the program is offered as a one-time Paid in
    Advance Early-Bird Pricing of $797 and good through December 31, 2014, after which, $1,000 is required in

  • The required retreat in 2015 for
    Certification has a Retreat Fee of $497, which is NOT INCLUDED
    in the Payment in Advance.

  • Each program (9) will have the following
    fee structure and are delivered virtually, over the phone, or

    • Early Bird Registration: $97, Registration: $197, Post
      Delivery Recordings: $297
  • Optional Assessments ($497), are not included, but are REQUIRED for Certification,
    are highly recommended to gain the most from the Program, are packaged for $497, our Certified Coaches
    Price, or are available a la cart with individual pricing

  • The least you can pay is $797 + $497 + $497
    = $1,791 [for certification]; the most you will pay is $1,000 + $497 + $497 as long
    as you pay in one lump sum = $1,994, however no bonuses are
    available [after December 31], which are listed below.

  • The COACH2 Program is $497
    in addition to the minimum payment noted of either $797
    Early Bird, or $1,000 Regular Registration.
  • A la carte
    payments are more money.


#1. Access to the recordings of our 2012 – 2013 – 2014 Programs.

#2. Access to our webinar series on ValuDYNAMICS being
presented December 8-10, 2014.

Anyone paying the fees for the Certification Program in lump sum before
the Official Registration Period Begins [1-1-2015] will receive the
COACH2 Program taught for 12 months, each first Monday of the
Month at 8 pm New York Time at no extra charge, normally $497
in this Executive Summary Format of 12 Modules.

As a secondary bonus for paying the full fees for the Certification Program in lump sum before
the Official Registration Period Begins
January 1, 2015, you will receive the
Leadership Decision Making Assessment at no charge.
 Normally this
assessment is $497 for Coaches and Consultants, without a
reading, but the ability to use the data in developmental plan
construction during the program.

The discounted 2015 Program is $797 and good through December 31, 2014, regular price is $1,000,
excluding the recommended assessments and Retreat.

Purchase our 2015 Program

Order the Certification Program, which includes assessments and 2015 Retreat and receive the Early Bird discount of
$1,791 when ordered before 1-1-2015, PLUS Bonuses #3 and #4;
or $1,994 after that date.

Purchase our 2015 Program


Our Guarantee:

We know you will gain much more from BEHAVIORAL MetaDYNAMICS than the
small investment you are making.  However, if for
whatever reason you decide to cancel, you will receive a
100% refund at any time before December 31, 2014. 
After that time there will be an administrative
non-refundable fee of $197, up until January 14, 2015.  After
January 14, 2015, no refunds will be given.

The following is a listing of the classes we will be offering in 2015 and the
tentative dates of the calls.  All calls will be recorded so you may access
them at any time.

Schedule Date
January 6 (Tuesday), January 12-14
2015 META
February 3 (Tuesday), February 9-11
2015 MFC
February 17 (Tuesday), February 23-25
2015 BIAS
April 7 (Tuesday), April 13-15 (FYI, Easter, Sunday, April 5)
2015 STYLE
April 21 (Tuesday), April 27-29 (FYI, Memorial Day, Monday,
May 25)
2015 LEVEL
June 2 (Tuesday), June 8-10 (FYI, Father’s Day, Sunday, June
2015 ROLE
September (FYI, Labor Day, Monday, September 7)
November (FYI, Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26)
December 11-13, San Antonio, TX


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