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Behavioral MetaDYNAMICS @F-L-O-W

Thank you for joining us in this
Learning Experience

2015 Will be renamed “The Year of the Leaders” as the the
experiences you will gain throughout our BmD program will
change the way you help lead, guide, motivate yourself and others.

By enrolling before our official launch date of January 1,
2015, you also receive:

#1. Access to the recordings of our 2012 – 2013 – 2014 Programs.

#2. Access to our webinar series on ValuDYNAMICS being
presented December 8-10, 2014.

Classes begin January 6th with an Introduction to BmD, and
then continues January 12-14.

The rest of the program schedule will be found


and will be updated as the year progresses.

It’s not too late to consider upgrading to our Certification
program [you may refresh your memory on its benefits

], just let us know and pay only the


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