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Another Option to Beating Poverty

How FS-Green and Faux-Green are a bad fit for most…

CAIRO — Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the former army officer soon to be Egypt’s president, promises to remedy Egypt’s crippling fuel shortage by installing energy-efficient bulbs in every home socket, even if he has to send a government employee to screw in each one.

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

“I’m not leaving a chance for people to act on their own,” Mr. Sisi said in his first and most extensive television interview. “My program will be mandatory.”

The tone of the times…

If that type of autocracy and paternalism is "wrong" then perhaps a course in spiral dynamics might be in order.

If the conditions dictate that paternalism will help people, you don’t sneer at paternalism.

I’ve been to Egypt and the reason that Egypt prospered for a time was its natural resources… as those waned, the system in place failed to realize the toll on "everyday" people.

Like here in the Philippines, since typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) rice prices have risen by 10-33% depending on where you are. The largest cost for any family here, as in Egypt, is food. Increase the costs by 10-33% without concurrent increases in income and people don’t eat. People not eating is a not a good thing. There are hundreds of associated issues with not eating regularly, all disguised by "politics."

I don’t know whether el-Sisi can solve the Egyptian challenge, but it sure makes more sense to me than dropping FS-Green solutions into there.

For the most part, people left to their own design, without cultural scaffolding, are not always going to do well — some do, but most don’t.

People often need to be TOLD what to do, especially when they are regressed culturally.

I’m convinced that cultural regression creates individual regression because energy and information for developing density and frequency in one area, is given up for searching for food and shelter, and education, etc. I see that everyday here. Naturally productive people with a lack of cultural scaffolding may be reduced to lower levels of capability.

We see this in studies of people who migrate from Mexico. Why (ceretus paribis) do they do better in America? (Average Hispanic household income was reported as $55k some years back in the USA, but in Mexico, 1/10th that income.)

So, to see the tone of the times…

I think its time for really assessing the conditions.

Conditions in Egypt have regressed (significantly) since I visited a few years ago and it wasn’t great then! (If you have been to the Middle East, you know why Islam forces people to wash their feet before entering mosque! and it’s not a spiritual reason!)

If you assess where the conditions are, you realize that paternalism (red/blue, the benevolent father) is more than likely going to be successful, UNTIL (at least) conditions change, calling for a different kind of leadership.

The ONE thing that Spiral Dynamics does well is help us understand the best match of leadership for the conditions. While FS-GREEN has increasing influence as it brightens around the globe (largely in a orange vehicle, I might add), we will see mismatches where a LOT of people are going to die, much more than are saved because of the failure to understand the match between leadership and conditions.

The key element that has been made real in my own struggle and education around generational poverty is that mismatched leadership and conditions accelerate poverty, and many other conditions, which we are trying to alleviate. I admit, poverty — broadly — is a very complex set of conditions, but often require a "reconstruction" of leadership that has been lost in the process.

One thing I haven’t seen much formalization around is the idea of paternalism in the poverty equation.

I believe that when you allow those who have built-in paternalism through a variety of reasons to then limit the development of paternalism, you create many conditions, which are bigger than the leadership.

There is ONE thing that the Philippine leadership could do in one fell swoop to stop poverty DEAD in its tracks, and that is to enforce paternalism — the mandatory support of children created through casual sex. Here, the boys and men disappear as soon as the girl gets pregnant, and immediately you have created multi-generational poverty conditions.

JUST ONE CHANGE — paternalism — mandated. Instead, we are spending large amounts of resources on the outcomes, not the cause. It’s the same in Egypt, in my opinion, related to telling people what they must do to re-orient themselves to the new conditions — the exhaustion of natural resources.

Egypt is a canary for Limit’s to Growth, and what happens when the carrying capacity is exceeded without regard to what it does to "conditions." It’s really THAT SIMPLE, IMHO.

Yet, we are spending billions on the wrong things, the effects, rather than the causes in both aforementioned cases.

I’m going to discuss my assumptions around Spiral Dynamics and the use and development of it, according to Mike, on Thursday. If you can’t join me live, register below to receive the recording. It’s going to be worth a listen, as I walk through a lot of questions posed by one of our inner circle members, who hit the nail on the head regarding where we are now with an understanding of the use of Spiral Dynamics, what it can do and what it can’t and what it doesn’t do and does provide for our understanding of how the world works.

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