Phone Etiquette

Webinars @F-L-O-W

Webinars @F-L-O-W

Connecting to Your Webinar


You will be sent the webinar call-in details by e-mail the day
before each meeting.  The format of the email will contain the
following information:

Title:  [purpose of the call]
Time:  [day, date, and time of call]
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit: [link to attend on-line]

However it is best to call in on your phone or Skype so that you may
participate in the call.  On the web simulcast, you may ask
questions by typing them in the Q&A box on the left of the screen.

The phone and pin numbers for all calls are:
Phone Number: 1-206-402-0100
Pin Code: 513252#

To learn how to call in on Skype for free, visit
Skype Instructions

You may also want to visit

Local Numbers
to find a number in your area.

Phone Etiquette

It is important to know and practice proper phone etiquette when on
a conference call.  By making use of a few simple key strokes
you will make the calls more enjoyable for everyone.

1. Always mute yourself when not talking by pressing *6

2. To talk, first press *7

3. When you have finished talking press *6

4. If we are in lecture mode and you have a question press *2 which
will let the person on the "Control panel" know that you have a
question or comment.  She/he will then unmute you to allow you
to speak when he/she can fit you in.

5. If we are in Q&A mode press *7 to talk.

6. If we hear too much line noise coming from your line we will
automatically mute your phone to ensure everyone else will have a
clear connection.

We look forward to hearing you on the calls. 

Team @F-L-O-W


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