From Aid to Enterprise: Intelligent Poverty Cures

I just read an article on the above title.  You may read the article HERE.  My comment on the article is below:

We all do need to do our part to help the poor.  It can be a 2-edged sword as the article pointed out.  If we just send food and material goods they may come to depend on us.  If we attempt to teach them how to make it on their own, they may not have the stamina to last the learning curve.

However, by scaffolding them by feeding them while they learn, more successes may follow.  This requires people willing to donate money and people willing to train the poor.

The problem is that people who could donate money, don’t, because they are afraid they won’t have enough for themselves.  What if the middle class gave up 1/3 of their wantings and used some of their savings to help the poor. 

When you look at your situation a little differently, you will be amazed at what you will discover.  By shifting from wants to needs you will no longer have the desire to compete with the “Jones” resulting in greater happiness and you begin to also experience more success because you will now define success on your terms and not how society defines success for you.

Mike R. Jay recently wrote a book named @F-L-O-W where he describes 12 prime elements on how you can experience greater happiness in you life and as a result begin to have more success.

He is actually living his philosophy.  Several years ago he started a program to help the disadvantaged poor single mothers in the Philippines by teaching them a profession as well as paying them to learn.

Twice a year he also raises funds to buy rice for them and their families.  This Easter for his Rice Fund Program he is donating the proceeds from his book.  People can purchase a great book and do good at the same time.  Finally, he is also offering a special program in April called “Life at FLOW”.  Visit to learn more.