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To learn more about how the weather may affect your visit to
the Philippines and how best to travel to the Philippnes you
need to listen to the above Q&A call recording.

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10 Places to Go While They Are Still Cheap: 2014 Edition
Posted: 02/18/2014 4:46 pm EST

Do your travel ambitions eclipse your bank account? We’ve got
just the fix: destinations around the world that offer plenty
of cheap ways to stay, play, and eat. Whether you’re on the
prowl for a perfect beach or a city bursting with culture,
these cities and countries deliver big but cost little. Not
all of them will stay cheap in the years to come, though, so
if you’re inspired to go, do it soon.

Bargain hunters, outdoorsy types, and the food obsessed should
look to the Philippines. The country’s combination of
cosmopolitan affordability and splendid nature make it a
destination that offers a lot for the money.

Lonely Planet
recently named it one of the top value destinations for 2014,
and according to CIO Wealth Management Research’s Prices and
Earnings report, Manila has some of the cheapest shopping and
upscale dining in the world.

For example, a couple can buy a
new wardrobe there for about $410 — seven times less than
what you’d pay for similar items in Tokyo. And the average
cost of a three-course meal in a good restaurant is a mere
$18, compared to about $95 in Geneva or Oslo (two of the
cities featured in our recent story on the world’s most
overpriced destinations).

If you’re concerned about
whether a visit to the Philippines is appropriate so soon
after Typhoon Haiyan, know that the country considers tourism
to be an important part of its recovery. Large portions of the
country — and the majority of popular vacation destinations
— were undamaged.

When visiting any third world country, there are things you
must know and be aware of or have excellent guides
in-the-know, to get you around safely and enjoyably. That is
where our MyPALs guides and our hospitality suites in the
beautiful island of Camotes come in.

You may inexpensively stay and even
profit by joining us in our Generati Project. See our proposal
[subject to updates and modifications to your advantage]

330 days available
35 days unavailable
25% occupancy
2000 Pesos Avg Rm Night ~$50

Denominations for Purchase:
-$50 USD for 1 day 2 pm to 11
    -Residency is your choice of available
-A purchase is 1
day for 10 years
    -Proceeds build 8-39 sq mtr units

you don’t visit, we rent your days!

25% of each room
night sent to you each year for ten years!!

Pre-pay 1 day,
don’t stay and we will send you (50% x 25% x 2000) = 250 pesos
~$5 USD through PayPal 45 days after your scheduled day?

Days can be any day but for the purposes of cash distributions
days are assigned January – December, FIFO based on purchase order.

This equals a 10% "Thank You" per year on your unused day.

The advantage is also currency appreciation against the
dollar for the php over the next 10 years.

MyPALs own
50% of the income, and management earns their fees after 25%

The revenue model looks like this:

The first 25% of sold nights:
Income divided between MyPALs
(50%) and Purchasers (50%)

The second 25% of sold
Income divided between MyPALs (50%) and GRD, Inc.

Remaining % of sold nights:
Income divided
between Diamonds (50%) and GRD, Inc New Construction Escrow

Example of 1 day:
-Which is sold 100% [in pesos]
    -250: Contributor
    -250: GRD, Inc – Management
-250: GRD,
Inc – New Construction
    -250: Diamond
-1000: MyPAL

MyPALs receive minimum of 250 pesos a day for their income and
must pay their electric and water; cable and Internet are
provided by GRD, Inc.

Minimum monthly Income = 7500

Management must pay minimum 500 pesos a day.

I talked to the
architect and I feel the next building is 8 units and 400k php
per unit, although we can build the shell for about 2k and
then finish each one individually as money arrives, I think I
need at least 1m to start it for shell/foundation, plumbing

400k php = $8k USD

Pre-pay 3000 days in 3 phases

Escrow of 750k per year

Build escrow in the construction fund


| Mike’s vision for MyPALs and
Tourism as a route out of poverty –> The Starfish

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