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Just Imagine…

Imagine Hawaii 100 years ago. You’re lying on a beautiful, clean,
warm, pristine beach, looking up at a stunningly blue sky with a
few scattered white fluffy clouds. You also feel the warm, muscle
relaxing wind gently blow over you, removing the effects of the
sun on the white sands.

After a while, you decide it would
be fun to cool off in the deep-blue ocean waters and so you run
in, feeling the cooling salt waters splash over you as you hit the
waves. You think to yourself, perhaps tomorrow I will grab my
surfboard and take advantage of some world class surfing.

Or maybe instead you will choose to see some of the surrounding
sites, because, hey, there are no crowds and the surrounding area
is like being in your own paradise. 

Unfortunately, it is not 100 years ago.  It is 2014, you want
to vacation in a beautiful warm ocean beach and choose Hawaii
because your parents told you how nice it was when they went. 
However,the Hawaii of the past is not the Hawaii of
today. There are tens of thousands of people crowding you on
the beaches and everywhere else you choose to go. Sure, the
skies are almost as blue and maybe early in the mornings the
beaches are somewhat clean and the surfing and other water
activities are just as good, yet it’s just not the same and
you wish that you had options for your next vacation.

you do have another option and that option is in the yet to be
discovered South Pacific. Yes, I am talking about Camotes
, one of the Philippines 7007 islands. In addition to being taken
back to the beauty of Hawaii 100 years ago, you may visit this
South Pacific paradise for a small pre-payment of $50

may be thinking, "How is this possible for only $50? There
must be a catch."

When you enter your best email address in
the box below and send it to us, we will return, in a matter
of seconds [unless the Internet takes a wrong turn, in which
case it may be minutes] several links and audios to completely
explain what we are offering.

Some people have said to us,
but the Philippines are so far away and it will take many
hours to get there. Hmm, kind of like it was a 100 years ago
when people wanted to visit Hawaii. Yes, we do have an answer
for that on our other pages, which we will send to you.

general, you pre-pay $50, which entitles you to one night at
one of our locations in the Philippines, and over the ten-year
period, which you have pre-paid with your $50, you accumulate 10 days [$50 =
10 days/nights over ten years.] However, you may choose to use
those 10 nights/days at one time, anytime in that ten-year

At the end of that ten-year period we will buy back
your ten days for the same pre-payment of $50. In addition,
you have two options:

1) You may donate $5 each year to one
of our MyPALs on their birthday [That $5 comes from us, not
you – more on this on our other pages we will be sending you.].

2) We will return to you $5 each year as our "Thank You" for
helping our StarFish Project to become a reality in helping raise
single mothers, our MyPALs, up out of poverty.

The bottom
line is: you pre-pay $50 now and at the end of ten years you
will have donated $50 to a MyPAL on her birthdays or you would
have been sent, as our "Thank You", a total of $50, PLUS we will
return your original $50.

Of course, the wise prudent
person would want to pre-pay many more times than the $50 we
are suggesting.

To listen to audios that explain, in detail, the StarFish
Project and/or read all about how you may take part in a
unique way to eliminate poverty, simply provide your email
address below and send it to us.


PS: To become part of the StarFish Project now,
take action on the DONATE button below.

To donate more than $50, please just enter multiples of $50 USD.


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