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Easter Rice Drive and the “Perpetual Rice Sack!”

annual Holiday Easter Rice Drive is beginning and this year,
we are doing something REALLY special.

On the eve of
finishing our multi-purpose building on our Diamond Retreat
Project, on beautiful Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines we
are offering to create a "perpetual rice sack" for each $50
donation for 10 years.

To donate more than $50, please just enter multiples of $50 USD.

To learn more about the Starfish Project,
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Donate $50 and
each year, we will gift 250 pesos of rice (about 5 kilos) to
one of our MyPALs or their family members on their birthday
for 10 years.

This creates a gift for a 10-year period
to help disadvantaged single mothers and their children and
families on a special day in their lives to have the basics of
living, fresh rice.


For those who wish
to help scaffold our program, we also offer an option where
you can provide $50 for the purchase of a (Bed and Breakfast
like) DAY in the Philippines for 10 years.

This means
you can choose to visit, or gift 10 room nights to a friend or
relative during a 10 year period which allows you to stay in
one of our associated facilities in the Philippines. While we
don’t want to make this complex, if you choose during the 10
year period to not use your room nights, you can sell them
back to our program each year and we’ll send you the portion
of the rental fee for your night of $5 a year, or in 10 years,
you will receive (on your anniversary date of purchase)
through PayPal a $5 payment (x 10 years = $50) for your
reserved DAY in the Philippines.

In this process, you
help scaffold and support our program to provide "our big
shelter, food, medicine, education and income" to our

At the END of the 10-year period, or during the
10-year period, you can sell your DAY rights (for 10 years)
back to us for more than you paid initially, which means you
will receive back (guaranteed) your $50 pre-paid fee.

THIS IS SEED MONEY for scaffolding our program for
disadvantaged single mothers!

Here’s how it works in a
nutshell, lest you think that $50 is not enough for seed

1) It costs about 10,000 PHP (Philippine Pesos)
to build per simple square meter in Camotes Islands (the site
of our project).

2) Every 30 square meters of
construction yields 330 days of rental.

3) Each rental
day is being pre-sold for $50 USD, or roughly 2000 PHP (after
conversion, exchange costs, etc.).

4) If you do some
simple math, you will see that 30 sq meters of construction =
300,000 PHP of construction fees available.

5) If we
divide 300,000 PHP / 330 days of rental ~ 900 pesos and we are
adding ~ 1100 pesos for furniture and appliances, finishing
and preparation for rent.

6) If we can sell the DAYS @
$50 USD (~2000 PHP), for 10 years, the amortized life of our
construction (although we know 30 years is normal for
concrete, but we choose to remain conservative in our plan). Then we are able to provide the construction costs
for our units.

7) Now we know MOST of you won’t visit,
so you will sell your DAYS back to us each year for the
prepaid cost which is $50/10 years = $5 per year, which then,
allows us to meet our operational overhead of 250 php a
day, and also pay you about 250 PHP for the rights to use your
day for retail customers, for an average of 2000 PHP per
rental DAY. [Note in the Philippines it is typical to rent a
room for a number of "hours", in this case, we are renting for
a full 21 hours [2 PM to 11 AM], although short time rental will be available to

8) If all of you visited, we would still have the 250 PHP (that is reserved for the return of the
DAYS to the MyPALs who are guaranteed about 250 PHP a day in
income for hosting their guests and escrowed 1 year ahead to
service the prepaid fees annually).

9) Either way
(donation or purchase), we have the capital and the income to
make the project work.  The  single goal is to break the cycle
of generational poverty in each disadvantaged MyPAL chosen for
the project (some qualifications are necessary to make the
business model work, but all MyPALs are chosen from a pool of
disadvantaged families, who are generationally poor).

10) We won’t say this project is not for profit, because there
will be profits, as there are going to be a lot of resort
style services available at retail prices (helping to create
many more service jobs in addition to our hosted units) as it
is located in a beautiful tropical island near 4 billion
visitors within a 5 hour plane ride. But any profits will come
as a result of success in the project allowing for the
development of additional seed money to help more
disadvantaged people; and not just help, but break the cycle
of generational poverty they are chained into.

It is
easy.  You decide to either donate or purchase using $50 increments
(please buy as many days as you can!!).  The faster we
accumulate the seed money, the faster we can create units to
rent for this beautiful seaside retreat in Camotes Islands.

To donate more than $50, please just enter multiples of $50 USD.

Anyway you look at this, it’s a wonderfully rich business
model that benefits people up and down the chain of
generational poverty, creating as many as 100 jobs a year
during the project cycle.

If you want more in-depth
information, click
to read about various ideas we have
used in creating this project.

I do want to close with
one thing.  This is not an investment.  It is the prepaid
purchase of DAYS in a retreat-type setting in the Philippines
and our other properties which are being staged in the
Philippines for our guests.

Because you "prepay" for
your visit, it’s below retail cost, and as soon as the unit is
completed where your DAYS are assigned, then we will allow you
to sell back or in a retail exchange (starting in 2015) your
Prepaid Days for the going rate.

If you don’t sell and
you purchase, you receive the $5 a Day Prepaid on your
Purchase anniversary date through PayPal because we will
consume that Day in our system and pay you for the use of it.

If you donate, then we gift the $5 a year for 10 years to
a MyPAL whose birthdate, or children/families birthdate is
closest to your anniversary date and they receive the donation
of rice each year for 10 years, helping them enjoy their
birthday celebrations, which are usually one of 3 days they
have for celebration a year, (Christmas and Easter being the
other two days.)

Please help us find the seed money for
our first project — a 9 unit complex directly above our new
Multi-Purpose Structure in the process of completion now and
open for business June 1 for your visit in a very nice master
bedroom with a world class view of the Camotes Sea, and San
Francisco, Camotes, Cebu Bay. Come relax with us and the

It’s relatively easy to get there: fly to
Manila or Cebu, or almost any Asian airport and upon landing,
you’ll be guided directly to your accommodation by MyPALs
waiting to greet you.

We are offering 1000 DAYS for
Pre-purchase now which will seed our first 9 unit project,
which will begin later this year.

You can even watch
the daily progress as we have a MyPAL who takes photos
everyday of the building and construction site and places the
photos online. Sample from March 28, 2014 of our Multi-Purpose
under construction (3 rooms for rent = 330 x 3 = 1000):

You, like
us, will enjoy watching the project develop half way around
the world everyday right in front of your eyes and know that you
are doing something concrete for the generationally poor in
the Philippines.

Thanks for reading and please, send me
your questions directly, so we can develop our FAQ; and most
of all donate, or purchase and encourage others to join in the
project.  It’s an amazing thing to watch as we create jobs and
opportunities for those who are building a world away!


PS: if you ask my role, I’m providing coaching to
the MyPALs at no cost as I’m planning to retire in a house I’m
building close to the property and enjoy my remaining years in
a relaxing tropical setting, so much for Nebraska winters!!  I
do have a 10% interest in the corporation doing the work with
9 other MyPALs who are shareholders and carry the weight of
the project. We will add Philippino shareholders as each
project reaches a more advanced phase in order to provide the
6th factor in relieving generational wealth: equity.

Please send me your questions, concerns, ideas and comments. 
We’ve been working almost 5 years now to make this a reality
and finally we have a concrete solution.

To donate more than $50, please just enter multiples of $50 USD.


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