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The New Hawaii and You…

I’ve been working on a
project with the diamonds since 2010.

While the downs have
been bigger than the ups, we are moving in the right direction.

I want to introduce our StarFish Project initiative in place of
our annual Easter Rice Fundraiser.

My plan is to donate 1
sack of rice at Easter for every 10 donations we receive, so we CAN
accomplish both. I hope I will receive a bonus this year in my
work, so I will use that to fund my commitment of 200 sacks if you
all will help me get 2000 donations to our crowdfunding project!

We recently held three calls where Mike
shared his concept of eliminating poverty and when you complete
the form below you will gain access to the recordings.


summary, the StyarFish Project creates the funds for building a "unit"
consisting of a specially designed unit that the MyPAL, et al can
live, sleep, and have as a rental in what is for now, a small
seaside resort, where our first building/office, reception is
being constructed.

The idea in alleviating poverty is this:

You must provide the hierarchy of needs through food,
healthcare, shelter and income. If one is missing, the solution
breaks down…

Over a decade, I have researched every
possible approach and this is the only one that works, and when
you add a "single mom" to the equation, you must provide education
for them and their children, or again, it breaks down.

I did was design a system that addresses all five components…

Each unit provides shelter. The system provides food and
healthcare (Philhealth offsets catastrophic costs for small
money), shelter, income and thus education.

Each MyPAL
lives in a "unit" and using the "rent my space" concept which even
Rachel is doing in England (see her ad). We can do the same in
this seaside resort with beautiful "San Francisco bay views" and
open ocean. Access to school and markets (long walking distance)
create the necessary flows into the units (50%) occupancy,
although we can run on 33% occupancy with "low" income.

MyPALs have a resident lease and don’t pay any bills and receive
income and provide services to clean, host guests based on needs,
and options they can provide. Some can provide massage (all are
trained)… and others: guide services, cooking, and laundry.

You can see that this system has all the elements to alleviate
poverty = perpetual rice!

Because of economy of scale, we
can provide them jobs in the two restaurants that will be built
(hopefully) and feed them in scale as well, cutting our overall
food costs.

When this small scale project works (about 50
units), we will put in a larger 250 unit property with mountain
resort/open ocean views in the larger property we have in our

A smaller commune type of property for
down-scale utility housing is being designed also for the ultra
poor who are living in below poverty standards.

perpetual rice system needs all of our support.

We have
proven we can build an economical design, which is also aesthetic
as well, and all diamonds are invited in May to visit the new
construction and the property we are using to create this
demonstration project.

You get to the Philippines; we’ll
take it from there… and help us evaluate the hosting system
which is a companion to this project to create more
jobs/opportunities for MyPALs throughout the Philippines.

The Philippines has the opportunity to become the Hawaii of Asia
with 7007 islands and 1/2 the population in service workers.

It’s strategically located and ideal climate (even with
typhoons) can create millions of service jobs in the tourism
industry, presently around 3 million visitors, and the Philippine DOT project aims to
bring in 10 million within 5 years, so everything infrastructure
wise is gearing towards this set of goals. We are going to
piggyback that with being
built by MyPALs with my coaching and our financial support (mostly
mine, hehe).

In any case, I wanted to put this on the radar
again. It’s so important for these starfish we can get back into
the water, and most are so deserving of this opportunity.

On a side note:

I don’t know if some of you remember our
MyPAL who lost her mother, sister, and daughter last year. Her
house burned down yesterday. She lost everything.

I have NO
IDEA why some people are so unlucky.

I have offered her the
opportunity to be one of the first MyPAL "in residence" in the
next unit (9) we are going to try to construct before December of
this year. For now, if you have even $10 please send it. I will
get it to her. She and her son have no place to live now… and
nothing, as all were destroyed in the fire. What’s ironic was that
she was not in her house when the fire swept through the shanty

She was on her way to MyPAL meeting… and half way
learned of the fire… and returned to find NOTHING… but her
baby is safe. So she is still grateful, even though it’s hard to
understand how she keeps going in the face of a daily struggle for
food that she has. She has refused to go back to the street where
she was 4 years ago when MyPALs found her. So with super
determination to live a life of absolute poverty, her spirit is
solidly optimistic. We need to help her some.


PS: To become part of the StarFish Project now,
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