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The StarFish Project @F-L-O-W

the MyPALs StarFish Project

Donation: keyed to the "Perpetual Rice Sack" an endowment for 10 years to a selected or random MyPAL.

Pre-pay: a 10-day vacation [can be used anytime in the 10 year period], which if not used is sold for you each year and then bought out after ten years.

Business Model Assumptions

This model is based on the sales of pre-paid vacation DAYS in the Philippines @F-L-O-W.

The business model is designed to be a postmodern model of business for the 21st Century.

330 days available
30 days (oversold)
5 repair days unavailable
25% occupancy
2000 Pesos Avg Rm Night ~$50 USD

Denominations for Purchase
$50 USD for 1 day, 2 pm to 11 am
Residency is your choice of available locations
1 day for each of the 10 years (10)
Proceeds build 9-39 sq meter units [420 sq ft]
Bed & Breakfast Style
10% of the people will visit
Most will sell their days
Some will donate!

If you don’t visit, we rent your days!

25% of each room night sent to you each year for ten years!!

Pre-pay 1 day, don’t stay and we will send you (50% x 25% x 2000) = 250 pesos ~$5 through PayPal 45 days after your scheduled day?

Days can be any day but for the purposes of cash distributions days are assigned January – December, FIFO based on purchase order.

This equals 10% "Thank You" per year on your unused day.

The advantage is also currency appreciation against the dollar for the php over the next 10 years.

MyPALs own 50% of the income, and management earns their fees after 25% occupancy.

The revenue model looks like this:

The first 25% of sold nights:
Donations divided between MyPALs (50%) and Purchasers (50%)

The second 25% of sold nights:
Donations divided between MyPALs (50%) and GRD, Inc. (50%)

Remaining % of sold nights:
Donations divided between Diamonds (50%) and GRD, Inc New Construction Escrow (50%)

Example of 1 day:
Which is sold 100%
2000 average rack rate (high/low average)
250 – Buyer if not used by them
250 – GRD, Inc – Management
250 – GRD, Inc – New Construction
250 – Diamond (until diamonds off)
1000 – MyPAL

MyPALs receive minimum of 250 pesos a day for their income and must pay their electric and water — cable and Internet are provided by GRD, Inc.

Minimum monthly Income = 7500

Management must pay minimum 500 pesos a day if day unsold to public or used by guest.

Sell 3000 days in 3 phases
Escrow of 750k php per year per phase.

Build escrow in the construction fund.

A way this might work would be to begin construction only after escrow requirements for the rolling year(?) are met?

This way cash flow needs are met 12 months in advance.

ABCs of a Simple Value Proposition:
-A "Philippine Visit Day" 10 years (10)
-Buy (1) any number of "Visit" Days
-Cash For day not used, sell for $5
-Days can be saved, traded or gifted
-End of 10 years, Day repurchased
-Finance disadvantaged mothers
-Get eternal satisfaction
-Help us help them get a hand up
-If you don’t use your days in 10 yrs
-Just allow us to resell them for you
-Keeps your options open for 10 yrs
-Leave funds in Php as $ goes down
-Maybe you, family; friends travel?
-Need some liquid funds in storage?
-Open market for selling Php Days
-Put 10% of funds in rolling escrow
-Quick way to sell your "Days" online
-Risk is low, and DAYS are liquid
-Strategic way to collaborate
-Tourism important for Philippines
-Under "no" law is this an investment
-Virtuality makes enterprise possible
-Watch us build online from computer
-Xtra "DAYS" can be purchased
-Your funds converted into pesos!
-Zap your DAY right away… now.

Things to address:
-how swimming pool gets funded?
-how much money will they need?
-buyers = MyPAL Member Guests
-10% oversold = 30 days (330)
-total days sold 360 5 repair days

Donate, Sell, Trade, Save DAYS


Just click the "DONATE" button and enter, in multiples of $50, the number of days you want to donate to our perpetual rice program!  For example, you want to donate 20 days, giving you a total of 200 days to use over the 10 years, you will enter $1,000.  At the end of the 10 years your $1,000 will be returned to you, based on the current php rate [which means it could be more than $1,000 USD] and also you would have either donated $1,000 to a MyPAL over the 10 years to help her celebrate her birthdays, or you would have received $1,000 over that perios as our "Thank You" for helping us get the project off the ground.

Your donation is recorded to the day you make it, and we look for a MyPAL who has a birthday, or any of her children have birthdays and the donation goes to them automatically OR select a MyPAL to donate to from our list of MyPALs.

Here’s how it works, when your donated day (the day you donate) comes up, the proceeds from that day in the assigned unit are paid directly that day to the MyPAL to purchase a sack of rice in PHP.

Simple, easy donation for 10 years to help a disadvantaged family for at "least" one day a year, donate more and we will spread up to 12 days on the anniversary date of your donation each month so the MyPAL receives proceeds each month.

You can browse our MyPALs here [note: under construction] and see whether or not they already have donations. Since you become an automatic member of our MyPAL Hosting Program, we allow you to contact the MyPAL to let them know about your donation.

When you donate, you help individual MyPALs directly!


You can trade your days by sending a simple email to admin outlining the days you want to trade with other MyPAL Guests.


You can also simply sell back your day after one year for the purchase price, or sell your DAY on our MyPAL DAY Exchange beginning April, 2015 for the going rate.


One of the reasons we created the MyPAL Guest Program as a 10 year program is to offer you at anytime during those 10 years (space available of course) the opportunity to buy 10 prepaid days at one of our locations. Assuming Space Available, you can bounce around to any of our MyPAL Hosted locations for a great night or authentic Pilipino visit in the homes of MyPALs in a Bed & Breakfast format. It’s your choice!

Current locations available:

Malate, Manila Condo
Camotes Islands, Cebu
Danao City, Cebu
Dipolog, Mindanao

Coming in 2015-16:

Suriago Island
Subic Bay

such a great price on a 10-day visit to the Philippines?

It’s simple, we know that only 10% will actually make the trip in any given year, and most — lets face it — not at all; and it’s a great INSURANCE policy if you do and remember, you will be able to sell your DAYS most likely at a huge profit for those that do want to go to the Philippines on our exchange starting April, 2015!!

We get the construction money without interest!!

Low risk for you. Even lower risk for us.

There are a couple of scenarios that would make it tough on us because assuming all of you sold your DAYS at the retail rate, it would cost us about $10 a day in fixed costs, so your $50 would cost us $100, but we also will have the option to participate in the exchange as well to buy back DAYS when we need them.

The other scenario is if everyone came the first year, which has minuscule probabilities because if you’re going to the Philippines, you might as well take a month and visit many parts of Asia, all of which are easily located — most within 3 hours flying time from any of 3 strategically located international airports: Manila, Cebu, and Clark.

Since the USA is about to be welcomed back to the Philippines, DAYS will be popular with military family members who want to visit friends and family while on leave here in the Philippines.

Even if the worst scenarios took place, we would still be able to operate our faculty at break even at $5 per day and maintain our MyPAL Guest Program, while paying the $5 per day cost to our MyPALs, and still only paying the equivalent of 10% simple interest a year for the money we use to construct the faculty, or the amortized total amount of $100 over a 10 year period.

And when we became that popular:
Our support activities such as restaurant and room services, massage and tours would offset any short-term cash flow challenges, which is why we are looking ahead and escrowing one year in advance to cover such contingencies, before beginning new construction and selling additional DAYS.

Reimbursement to the founder/heirs paid beginning April, 2022 for the amount invested to find the startup and design, coach and manage the MYPAL System of 10 million pesos paid at 500,000 (~12,000 USD) pesos per year or the awarding of equivalent DAYS for 20 years. Mike has invested 40 million pesos as of April, 2014 supporting the MyPAL System.

PS: To become part of the StarFish Project now, take action on the DONATION button below.

To donate more than $50, please just enter multiples of $50 USD.


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