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So… what do you want in life?

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Most people never stop to ask that question and take it serious.  Perhaps it is because they are afraid that they won’t be able to have what they want and they will be let down again.

What if I told you that I know what you want and that you can have it in less than one minute! 

At one time I thought that if I got a better paying job I would have it made. 

Then I got the better paying job and after a while the excitement wore off and I was looking for something more. 

Then I thought if I had even more money I would be successful.   And I got even more money.  Yet after a while I noticed others had still more than me and I lost that success feeling.

Then I thought if only I had more time I would be able to do whatever I wanted.  And I got more time and still, you guessed it, I found that didn’t do it either.

Then I thought if only I looked better and younger I would be the envy of others.  I ate better, I worked out, and I took youth enhancing supplements and I looked better and younger yet I still felt something was missing.

Then I thought to myself, I know what will do it.  If I have more friends and a beautiful wife and all the money and great looks I would finally be where I wanted to be.  I got all of that and, that’s right, not there either.

Let me tell you the story about…

Hmmm, that reminds me of the story that took place many thousands of years ago. 

All of the gods were holding a meeting on Mt Olympus to decide the fate of mankind.  You see the gods had the formula for true success and they were afraid that if mankind got hold of it, they would destroy it like they were destroying everything else.

The gods said, “Let’s hide the secret to success deep within the mountains, surely man will never find it there.”  And Zeus replied, “No, for man will find a way to dig deep into the mountains and he will find it.”

Then they said , “Let’s hide it in the depths of the ocean.  For surely mankind will not discover it there.”  Again Zeus said, “No, man will discover ways to conquer even the depths of the oceans and he will find it.

Finally the gods said, “Let’s hide the secret amongst the stars.  Man will never discover how to search there.”  And Zeus replied again with the same answer, for he knew the ingenuity of man and that eventually man would find a way to explore even the stars.

Then Zeus said, “I know where we can hide the secret to true success.  We will hide it deep within man’s soul for surely he will never look there.”  And so it was.

Do you see what my problem was?  Ultimately, I wanted to be happy and that is true success.  But I was doing everything to change my outward circumstances thinking that would bring happiness.  I held this belief because since the day I was born I was being programed to believe that "MORE" was better. 

All I had to do was put on a smile, feel good about me, and enjoy the moment and happiness would be mine.

Now I couldn’t blame myself ( or maybe I should – more on this later) for all those wasted years trying to search outwardly for something that was within me all along.  After all, our society had pounded it into my brain that I needed all of those external things to be happy.  That’s what free enterprise is all about.  Yet that’s not what life is about.  This concept is referred to as Blank Slate or BS for short.

To be truly happy you only need to accept yourself and make the most of the present moment.  And yes, there are additional things you can do in order to enjoy life to the fullest. However, being happy in the moment is a great first step.  The rest will be a lot easier once you master this first step.

Yes, I realize you are thinking two main things at this moment.  Or at least you should be.  After all, if you have read this far you must realize there is greatness in you that is waiting to be let loose.

The first question is, “Who is this guy and why should I spend any of my valuable time listening to him?”  That is a very good question and I will answer it for you. 

I am an ordinary person who has extraordinary dreams and aspirations to help others.  I love it when I am able to help someone else in a positive way.  My body gets all warm and tingly when I feel deep within that I have truly made some small positive difference in the life of another, even if that difference only lasted for a moment.  Even a sincere smile to a stranger and I witness the stranger's face light up just a little; now that is a good feeling.

I also believe in the famous quote by Zig Ziglar: “If you help enough other people get what they want you will have what you want.”

The second question is: “What is in it for me?”  Well, that is a very good question only you can answer.  I depends on what you are willing to settle for and how much time and effort you are willing to put in to have the life you really want and deserve and it has little to do with how much money you make.

Keep in Mind:

Everybody was born to be wellthy (a combination of wealthy and healthy) and to enjoy a happy fulfilled life.  However, somewhere along the way most of us lost that dream and chose to settle for mediocrity. 

Fortunately, it is never too late to change things around.  The first thing you must do is to accept responsibility for where you are in life and not to blame anyone else for your current state.  Next, you must get to know YOU at a deeper level.

Action Steps:

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