Stress – is it good for us

At is a 14 minute video on “Stress”.

Author’s comments on video:

Have you ever felt stressed out? That’s kind of a silly question because I’m sure you have just like all of us have at one time or another. The bigger question is, has it ever left you feeling overwhelmed and unproductive?

Well, here’s a new way to look at stress with some scientific research supporting that stress is actually GOOD for you.

This is super interesting and a total life changer in regards to success in business and in life.

After you watch this video, the next time you say you’re stressed out, you’ll look at it with a healthy perspective and actually feel joy from stress?! I know it sounds crazy but…

Can you imagine what that really means?

How many people run away from stress and in turn, run away from opportunity?

How many people hear “hard work” and hide anywhere they can to avoid it because they are afraid to get “stressed out”?

There’s a list a mile long of all the things people do to avoid stress but what do you think would happen if you could transform that undesirable feeling to a feeling of joy with a simple shift in you perspective and belief?

Everything in your life would change VERY quickly wouldn’t it?

It also shows the HUGE benefit in helping others.

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal did this study and I want to thank her for sharing it at her TED talk. It’s amazing information to create transformation.

What are your thoughts on this?


Looking through Mike R. Jay’s lens:

This is a 1-5% @BS solution at best.

Almost all motivation assessments show a continuum of needs surrounding stress, how it affects us, and what levels of “tension” are good for us.

We couldn’t breathe if we didn’t have “atmospheric pressure”.  So tension, usually noted by most as stress, is important; particularly EUSTRESS which I don’t think the author states… that form of stress or tension being necessary for growth and development.

Problem is with almost all pundits is an emphasis on some “research” which makes their point.

Most of what any pundit says will more than likely represent a path or solution for about 1-5% of the population… who are designed and scaffolded epigenetically like they are.

Most of the advice to the other 95-99% is useless, ineffective, or even harmful.

What we are trying to be, do, have, become, and contribute @F-L-O-W is correlated to the design and scaffolding of your unique epigenetic purpose!