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The information below describes more about what our course Life @F-L-O-W covers.  If you have never listened to Mike Jay give a presentation, you will be amazed at how he can easily think in the moment, recall past information and provide you with the very best and most up-to-date information.

As pointed out in the video, life is becoming more and more complex at the speed of light and it is impossible for anyone to keep up.  Scaffolding and collaboration will greatly help us to manage the ongoing complexities.  However, the secret to our world surviving is by incorporating the concept of Less is More.

Mike will talk about this and much more in this 5-day course.


In this five session program, Mike will walk you through the specific steps you can take to create these benefits for you and your family, work, and relationships:

  1. Identify those things you are doing now that seem to be things you need to change?
  2. Instead of changing them, learn why they are developing as issues.
  3. Understand a different meaning of what it means to live life on purpose.
  4. Discover very specific ways in which you can become more competent @F-L-O-W.
  5. Begin to automatically decelerate the need for more through MITEAM:
       a. Money
       b. Information
       c. Time
       d. Energy
       e. Attention
       f. Motivation

Here’s the bottom line.


In order to begin to give yourself more, not less choice, but need fewer choices, less becomes more.

Classes will be held each evening beginning September 9 at 8:30 ET and continue for a total of 5 classes.  You will receive an email from happeneur@gmail.com by September 5 with your class site.

Your class site will have all of your call-in information as well as any other reference materials we provide in addition to the audio recordings of all the calls.

To register for the $97 Discounted Early Bird live and recorded program, click below.  The tuition goes to $197 at 12:01 AM ET September 6.

BONUS: You will be given access to a battery of assessments to help you understand "you" better, which will make it easier for you to move forward in our ever changing world.  On our class site are additional materials to help you on your journey to your life @F-L-O-W.

PS: In order to join our MOVEMENT @F-L-O-W and get immediate access to Mike’s Talking Points, Teachable Points of View, and the Faststart @F-L-O-W, purchase the Book @F-L-O-W.


We look forward to having  you in class.

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