Mid-Year Forecast @F-L-O-W

Mid-Year Forecast @F-L-O-W

Real Incomes Trend

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What is happening is that job growth is now producing lower Real Income. This is a sign of a maturing economy or paradigm (if you like).

A new innovative and entrepreneurial age needs to re-ignite risk-taking and innovation in order for the stimulus to be anything more than a low-income job creator… destined to pull the rug out from under money and credit systems that depend on increasing discretionary spending, to buoy past commitments of future income and additional purchases.

Just paying down debt from commitments made previously on future income is NOT enough to produce growth of any sustaining force. Therefore, the system of growth is in danger.

@F-L-O-W, we are focused on two things:

1) realizing growth has limits…

2) nurturing the collapse wave occurring by moving wants to needs, improving happiness in the process; and off-setting the large overriding decline of income for the developed world’s masses.

Right now, 60% of the youth in Greece are unemployed.

We are nearing tipping points for sparking large! social disruptions because of the lack of jobs.

In the COMING JOBS WAR by Gallup Chairman Clifton, he states that we lack 3 billion jobs, and rising. Continuing to see REAL INCOME erode does not bode well for investment, future consumption, or growth… a word to the wise!

Join Mike R. Jay for a mid-year update of his 2013-14 forecast July 5, and peek into the data in his world and a brief synopsis of global wind direction.


Now, here’s the excerpt from the recent BEA Update:


At best this new release reports an economy with lackluster growth, created at great expense by a combination of unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus that have obviously progressed well past the point of diminishing returns. To be fair, many other national governments would be thrilled to be reporting a 1.78% annualized growth rate. But that observation in itself (without mentioning the plunging export numbers) also reflects global economic headwinds that do not bode well for sustaining even lackluster numbers over the balance of the year.

And we continue to note the one truly serious domestic issue within the data:

— Real per capita disposable incomes took yet another hit. The astonishing annualized contraction of real per capita disposable income has now reached -9.21%

— dwarfing the -7.52% contraction rate recorded in the first quarter of 2009 (the worst quarterly contraction recorded during the official duration of the "Great Recession").

From time to time we may quarrel with the quality of the BEA’s deflators. And frankly, we may even find that at face value the lackluster numbers amount to nothing more than a sham "recovery."

The most shocking part of this report is glaringly obvious from the real per capita disposable income numbers: all of the unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus has left American households materially worse off than they were two years ago.

And sadly we wonder whether anyone in Washington either notices or really cares.

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