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Wanted: 10 Volunteers + Reward

Join Mike Jay for a fast-paced look at how the 7 Dynamics @F-L-O-W are running you and your life. In this short exercise led by Mike, he’s looking for up to 10 volunteers to be part of a short program on proofing that the 7 Dynamics are already hard-wired into your system and you’re using them everyday to get what you got!

Once you understand your Operating System you will be better able to fine tune it, leading to a more productive and happier life.

Ready for a fun-ride — be prepared to do the exercises with Mike. Come with a clean sheet of paper and pen, or your favorite word processing program as you will author a short story of your life as Mike leads you through the exercise.

Then participate in a Q&A to discover how the 2014 Leadership Behavior Modeling System [LBMS] can be applied to Designing and Scaffolding your life, work, and relationships — a lot more practical than you ever imagined a coach approach could be!

We will have two sessions, one Monday, January 20 and one Tuesday, January 21, both at 8:30 PM ET. Mike will guide 3-5 volunteers in each session.

You will be amazed at what you will discover about yourself by participating in this guided tour around the 7 Dynamics @F-L-O-W.

To participate, to get to be in the audience, and to gain access to the replay, complete one of the two forms below.

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