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There are a number of key elements in leadership behavior that can be studied to reveal potential behavior, as well as explain past behavior and predict future behavior in circumstances where adaptive, complex conditions are present and high leverage behaviors are required.

BEHAVIORAL “MetaDYNAMICS” identified 7 key elements in the following list:

Capability – Bias – Style – Level – Role – Values – System

The goal in offering this set of dynamics is to use the fewest number of elements to get the most amount of relevant data that can be used to model the leader’s potential. The ability to explain past behavior can have important data for the design of future behavioral scaffolding.

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Destined to be a leader all his life, he has studied in a scholarly fashion how leadership emerges, what are the consequences of leadership and how to design leadership in such a way that doing well = doing good. Mike coined the term GENERATI to represent leadership as a formative system where leaders learn while leading, innovate while understanding, and collaborate while knowing themselves in a deeper and more profound way… to generate well-being and results.

Owner of – Coach, Guide, Advisor, and Consultant to individuals, and companies in more than 27 different countries globally. Best-Selling Author with Recent Book @F-L-O-W:

Executive Coach Leadwise, LLC – Specializing in developmental coaching, organizational design of senior leadership roles and on-going developmental coaching globally.

Founder Leadership University – Created a global online, virtual university for leadership training in more than 45 countries, now actively based in Asia, working to establish program in the Holorg System of Organizational Design @F-L-O-W.

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